Hong Kong Visa Requirements

Hong Kong maintains an independent system of immigration from Macau and mainland China. This means that you will have to apply for a visa to Hong Kong separately from the Chinese one or the one for Macau. If you intend to explore these three regions during your time here, make sure you get multiple-entry visas for the relevant regions during your time here.

From January 2017, Indians need to apply and successfully complete a pre-arrival registration, if your stay is for more than 14 days. If your trip is less than 14 days, you can have a visa-free visit. This is also applicable if you in transit and plan to leave the airport. Your registration is valid for six months or till the expiry of your passport. There will be a notification slip that will be given during your registration and you have to carry the same with you till the registration is valid.

Also, all the details that are filled in the pre-arrival registration should match with your passport. For a hassle free Hong Kong tour, browse through our all inclusive Hong Kong holiday packages.

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