Thailand Festivals

Festivals are celebrated with a great fervour in Thailand. A really fun way to experience Thailand is to plan a visit during one of their festivals. The streets are all lit up and there is joy and festive cheer everywhere.

If you’re planning to be a part of a Thailand festival, you need to know when they take place and what to expect so you’re prepared for them.

Here’s a quick look at some of the famous Thai festivals out there.


The Thai new year festival is celebrated with a great deal of enthusiasm and water every year in mid-April. If you’re on the streets, prepare to be drenched under buckets of water. So, make sure your important belongings are back in the hotel or at least in a waterproof bag. It’s a lot of good-natured fun and one can’t resist joining in the water splashing and the mayhem. 

Loi Krathong and Yi Peng

Also known as Chiang Mai’s famed Lantern Festival, both these festivals are celebrated in the month of November. Look up at the sky and you’ll be awed by the sight of thousands of glowing Chinese lanterns, drifting away gently on the breeze.

In Chiang Mai, tiny boats are lit up with candles and released to float on the river as fireworks light up the sky above. This is a stunning Thailand festival that should certainly not be missed if you’re in the country in November.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Celebrated sometime between the months of September and October, the Phuket Vegetarian Festival is only for those who have a high tolerance for the bizarre and don’t mind the accompanying sights. People who participate in this festival celebrate in a number of odd ways such as piercing their faces with skewers, walking on hot coals and lying on a bed of knives.

Self-mutilation is the norm in this Thailand festival as people celebrate the festival on the streets even as stunned spectators look on with fascination. Celebrated mainly in Phuket, although sometimes even in Bangkok, stick around if you are not the type to feel queasy easily.

Chinese New Year

Be prepared for fireworks, lion and dragon dances and streets that turn completely red during the Chinese New Year celebrations. While the dates may be anytime between late January and early February, there’s a great deal of festivity in Bangkok’s Chinatown where you can experience a taste of China without actually visiting China.

Royal Birthdays

The king and queen’s birthdays are celebrated with a great deal of fanfare. There are special processions, festivities and fireworks that mark these events.

Full Moon Parties

While certainly not traditional, full moon parties are often the reason why some people decide to visit Thailand. Known the world over for the music, dancing and celebrations by the beaches, these are celebrated in the islands every month during the full moon.

Experience the culture of Thailand by immersing yourself in one of their many amazing festivals. It is a great way to learn about the country. SOTC offers several exciting packages and deals to take you to Thailand, right in time to participate in some amazing Thai festivals.

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