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Often termed as a paradise on earth, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Notably, it is home to places like Zurich, the Jungfrau mountain range and the picturesque town of Interlaken. And, the unparalleled natural beauty of Switzerland attracts a lot of tourists every year. People wanting to witness this beauty, need to apply for a Schengen visa to enter and move freely in Switzerland. One can apply for a Schengen Visa or a Switzerland visa online as well.

If one is looking forward to applying for a Switzerland visa, it is important to decide upon the purpose of his/her visit first. Considering his/her travel requirements, one must carefully opt for a visa category. Remember, Switzerland forms a part of the Schengen area, all the visa applications will be directed towards obtaining a Schengen visa that allows uninterrupted travel between 26 countries in Europe. Therefore, the type of visa applied will be applicable for all the 26 countries forming the Schengen zone. Also, this holds true when it comes to the Switzerland visa for Indians.

With the improvement in technology, the process of applying for Switzerland visa online has become the most convenient and preferred way of doing so. Gone are the days that used to involve a lot of paperwork for one to just apply for his/her visa. Certainly, applying for Switzerland visa online has eliminated all such hassles.

But even before applying for a visa online, one should be well aware of the Switzerland visa application process. And, one should follow it step by step in order to avoid unwanted delays. While applying for a Switzerland visa or a  Schengen visa, one needs to provide adequate documents along with the visa application. And, these include:

  • Complete, in all respects, Schengen visa application form
  • Two passport size photographs. Also, these photos must be taken against a light background
  • Passport with a validity of three months beyond one’s return date. Also, all the copies of previous visa must be present along with two blank pages
  • Details of a confirmed return ticket
  • A travel medical insurance policy of minimum 30,000 euros offering coverage within Switzerland and the entire Schengen area
  • A cover letter stating the purpose of visit to Switzerland and a detailed itinerary of the applicant’s trip.
  • Proof of applicant’s civil status (marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, death certificate of spouse, ration card if applicable)
  • Proof of sufficient finances for the period of stay in Switzerland.

If one wishes to apply for a Switzerland visa for business purposes, the following are required documents:

  • An Invitation letter from the Swiss company the applicant is associated with and its detailed address accompanied by the dates of visit
  • A certificate from the  employer stating/allowing the applicant’s business travel
  • Bank statement of the latest 6 months
  • Memorandum and Article of Association in an original certified copy 

Moreover, the application fee for the visa process varies depending on the age of the applicant. Notably, if the purpose of visit to Switzerland is academic in nature, no Switzerland visa fee is levied.  Also, no visa fee is charged for children below the age of 6 years.

All Switzerland or Schengen visa applications are processed by the Embassy of Switzerland, Delhi. It can take up to 7-10 business days to process a visa application. However, according to Schengen codex, it can take up to 15 days. It is to be noted that all Switzerland visa applications must be delivered to the embassy in person. After having scheduled an appointment for the submission of visa application, the applicant must have all documents in order. The applicant can also track the status of their Switzerland visa online.

Switzerland Visa  

Switzerland falls under the 26 Schengen area countries which have a border control free travel and visa-free between themselves. Before you decide on the things to do in Switzerland get the Schengen visa to travel to Switzerland freely for a maximum of 90 days in a six months’ time frame. The Swizz Schengen visa or the C-Visa can be issued after submitting the documents and paying the Switzerland visa fees. 

Types of Switzerland Visa 

There are many Switzerland visa types which you need to select from based on your purpose of travel to Switzerland. Get the Switzerland visa information here.

Tourist visa 

A tourist Switzerland visa is for those applicants who wish to travel to Switzerland for recreation or holidays. Citizens staying in the non-Schengen countries can enter and stay in the Schengen area for 90 days maximum in a 180-days period starting from the first entry date.

Business visa 

A business Switzerland visa is applicable in case you want to travel to Switzerland for seminars, trade fairs, meetings or for any other business purpose. The visa issued is for 90 days and is for business purposes only, even if the work does not financially reward you.

Visitor’s visa 

A visitor’s Switzerland visa is for those applicants who wish to travel to Switzerland and have an invitation from their friends or relatives who are residents or Nationals of Switzerland. The permit is for 90 days for a 180-day period that starts from the first day of entry.

Long stay visa 

A long-stay Switzerland visa lets the applicants stay in Switzerland for a duration that is for more than 90 days. This is issued to those who intend to stay for employment, study or for retirement purposes in Switzerland.

Documents Required for Switzerland Visa 

The following Switzerland visa documents should be submitted for the Switzerland visa process to be done timely.

  • A valid passport which should have at least 3 months of validity after the scheduled return.
  • 2 passport size photographs not older than 6 months and of size 34*40 mm on a white background.
  • Completed and signed Switzerland visa application form.
  • Previous passports if any bound with a rubber band.
  • A personal covering letter stating the travel plan.
  • Introduction letter on company’s letterhead.
  • Travel insurance with a minimum coverage of 30000 Euro.
  • Flight reservation tickets with all travellers’ names.
  • Accommodation proof in Switzerland.
  • Last 3 months salary slips and 3 months personal banks statement.
  • For self-employed business registration certificate and last 3 months of bank statement.
  • If the visa has been refused, then a refusal notice to be submitted with the reason.

The above-mentioned documents need to be submitted along with the visa application at the visa processing centre to start the Switzerland visa procedure. The Embassy of Switzerland holds the right to ask for any additional documents or call for a personal interview.

Switzerland Visa Fees 

The adults’ Switzerland visa fees is INR 6400 or Euro 80. The Switzerland visa fees for children between the ages of 6-12 years is INR 3200 or Euro 40. Children below the age of 6 are exempted from paying the Switzerland visa fees. Children above 12 years of age are an adult.

The visa charges for Switzerland and service charges need to be paid in card or cash. It can also be paid online.

Every individual case is reviewed independently. Submitting documents and paying the visa fees does not guarantee that you will be issued a visa. In case the visa is rejected then the visa fees will not be refunded.

Applications are decided 15 working days after the application is submitted. The application should be submitted not more than 3 months before the date of travel.

A business Switzerland visa fees is also INR 6400 or Euro 80. 

The application status is decided in 15 days’ time and the application cannot be submitted before 3 months of your date of travel.

MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and Rupay cards are accepted at the Switzerland visa centre to pay for the Switzerland visa fees and towards any additional services like a courier service or a specialty lounge.

Switzerland Visa Centres in India 

Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Jalandhar, Kechi, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Puducherry, Pune, White field Bangalore, and Hyderabad have the Switzerland visa centres. Once you apply for the visa, an appointment needs to be booked at the centre where your photo and fingerprint is taken. This is also what is known as biometric information.


After the appointment is booked an appointment confirmation is sent along with the letter of appointment. Take note that if you are a family group traveling then you need to book individual appointments for every member of the group or family. On the day of appointment arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time with all the documents as per the Switzerland visa requirements. You can get all the Switzerland visa and Switzerland tour packages information on the web. Just make sure you are referring to a trustworthy source for information and support.

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