Switzerland Tourism

Snow, chocolates and cheese; all stereotypes surrounding this astounding country stand true, including their fixation for punctuality! But Switzerland tourism has so much more to offer than just these stereotypes.

Switzerland Geography

Switzerland is a beautiful mix of diverse cultures. There are numerous places for entertainment for both an adrenaline junkie as well as a lazy tourist alike. From snowboarding or Skiing down the Alpines to picnics at the bay of its serene river bodies, the topography of Switzerland makes it an ideal place to visit for a holiday.

Every year, the bank of Lake Geneva hosts the vivacious Lausanne. Another festival which draws a lot of crowd is the annual Montreux Jazz Festival, breaking the country’s age-old stereotype of sluggishness. After you’re done with all the ‘touristy’ sights, make your way to Bern where you may lose your soul to the city’s ancient streets. Or visit Geneva, popularly known as the city of peace as well as the smallest of big cities.

Switzerland Climate 

With a range of diverse and vivacious cities, the scenery in Switzerland feels like a rendition of your most gorgeous dreams. If you’ve not been on a Switzerland tour till now, the best time to go there is between the months of April to June or September to October. The weather is heavenly, and numbers of tourists are low.

The climate in Switzerland is generally tepid but varies amongst its different localities. While the mountaintops in the country face freezing conditions, there is affable weather in the south. The summers are inclined towards being humid and warm with sporadic showers, making the terrain ideal for pastures. Winters on the other hand, tend to be longer and mostly devoid of sunshine.

Switzerland Culture

Alpine tradition and lifestyle revolve mainly around agriculture. There are four national languages and the locals depend mainly on the rich fruits of the land. In every village you’ll see timber granaries built up on stilts, in order to keep the rats at bay. Set against the picturesque mountains are gorgeous lodge farms dotted with ubiquitous colourful flora. There are historical markets, traditional carnivals and plenty of entertaining shows during every season. Switzerland tourism at its best! The food in Switzerland is an abundant and delicious array of flavours filled with cheese, chocolate and air-dried meats.

The Swiss have long learned the art of embracing the old and the new. They have been able to thoroughly capture the history of their nation through multiple cultural venues, astounding architecture and modern art galleries.

Switzerland Tours

Switzerland tourism boasts of some excellent transport links and almost everyone speaks some English, making it easier to be the tourist that you’re meant to be in this paradise country! Comprehensive arrangements for public transport include a relaxing, trouble-free experience on the train, with an assurance of some stunning mountain views.

 This federal republic is surrounded by Germany to the north, France to the west, Italy to the south and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east, making it an ideal holiday destination for Euro trippers. Going on a Switzerland tour for the first time is truly a once in a lifetime experience, complete with beautiful Alpine mountain quests and a warm metropolitan vibe.

If you’re on a Switzerland tour, its entrancing topographies insist on being a part of your adventure! Any adrenaline junkie would have a great time here, with skiing and snowboarding activities in Graubünden, Bernese Oberland and Central Switzerland during winters. Once the ice melts down, the activities shift to hiking and biking besides lake shores and vineyards. Get a birds-eye view of the colossal mountains by taking a ride on a hot-air balloon, or a parachute. If you’re feeling a tad adventurous, you can brave the speedy rapids by going on a white-water rafting expedition.

Switzerland tourism provides you with a perfect blend of the medieval along with the modern. Its capital Bern is famous for its old-world charm and contemporary art, Basel for its glorious architecture, Lausanne for its warm celebrations, Geneva for being the most stylish and Zurich for its waterside pubs and trade centres.

Take a hike through the Swiss National Park, a visually stunning collection of lakes, waterfalls, green pastures, forests, glaciers and peaks. Or visit Western Europe’s largest lake, better known as Lake Geneva, on the southern shore of Switzerland. Take a stroll through the Olympic Museum or go visit Chaplin’s World, a museum celebrating the life and works of the genius that was Charlie Chaplin. The exhibit includes displays and excerpts from Chaplin’s films, adaptations of his film sets, family photographs and other collectables, including his signature hat and cane.

If romance is your main agenda for this holiday, you must book a visit to Zermatt. Lying beneath the magnificent Swiss Alps, lays this peak of a kind, known as the Matterhorn. Serenade your loved one in luxurious chalets or walk hand in hand through decades of captivating insight into the Valaisian village life. An achievement tainted with catastrophe, the first time Edward Whymper scaled the entire Matterhorn, was all the way back in 1865. Four members of his crew met their deaths, in a tragic 1200m fall and the infamous rope that gave way is still on display at the local museum.

Switzerland is amongst the most beautiful countries you can visit around the globe. Book your holiday through SOTC and enjoy the best deals on some great packages!

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Switzerland Tourism

The following are some travel tips, do's and don'ts to keep in mind during your Switzerland trip.


· Remember to dress warm. Invest in good quality thermals and other woollens, including waterproof walking shoes.

· Always be on time. Switzerland is very, very punctual.

· Be polite. English is mostly spoken here so finding your way around won’t be too difficult.


· Do not expect a tour or reservation to be held for you if you are late.

· Do not be careless on ski slopes, you could get injured.

Switzerland is a holiday wonderland that is on the list of every traveller’s list. Simply pick a Switzerland tour packages  from SOTC and cross it off your list.