Best Time to Visit Spain

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Best Time to Visit Spain

Spain is the second largest country in Europe, and one of the most popular destinations for tourists to visit in the continent. As a nation that borders the Mediterranean Sea, it enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year, especially in comparison to other countries in the north of Europe, which is a major draw for tourists who want to visit. One of the first things to tick off when planning your trip is to understand the best time to visit Spain.

Opinions and preferences on this subject vary vastly, and your experience, available activities and even prices can change dramatically depending on when you go. Without further ado, here is our take on the best time to visit Spain.

Shoulder Months 

The seasons of spring (running from March to May) and autumn (running from September to November) are known as shoulder seasons and are definitely the best time to travel to Spain for many reasons. First of all, as peak tourist season is the summertime (from June to August), you are likely to find that major tourist attractions and destinations in Spain will be far less crowded during spring and autumn as compared to summer. This means that you can save a lot of time that may have otherwise been spent waiting in queues, and you can actually soak in the experience without having to jostle for personal space in galleries, churches and other places.

Secondly, prices for air tickets, hotels, souvenirs and even some restaurants, tend to be much lower during the spring and autumn seasons, so they are definitely the best season to go to Spain if you are on a budget or simply want to maximise your money. As summer is the peak season and everyone is trying to score prime tickets and hotels in must-see neighbourhoods, prices can become very expensive, very quickly. Visiting during the shoulder months will allow you to get better value for your money and even stay in some fantastic hotels that may have even been out of your travel budget during the summertime; that’s why they are seen as the best time to travel to Spain by many.

There are also a host of events that take place across the country during the shoulder months, making them the best time to go to Spain. In spring, you can attend Las Fallas in Valencia, Feria de Abril in Seville, the Madrid Open tennis tournament and a host of local festivals that take place in May as the country starts to warm up. In autumn, the major Festa de la Mercé takes place in Barcelona and is one of the biggest events in the city. Bienal de Flamenco is also a major must-do for anyone who is interested in learning more about Spain’s love for song, dance and celebration. If you are looking to visit Spain and attend a festival, make sure that you purchase any tickets you may have to well in advance, as these can sell out very quickly.

Another key reason that these months are the best time to visit Spain is the weather. As a Mediterranean country, summers in Spain can be very hot and dry. While some may enjoy this, it can also lead to fatigue, dehydration and discomfort on days that are particularly hot. Visiting during the last month of spring or the first month of autumn allows you to enjoy the warm weather, frolic at beaches that are less crowded and have a good time in the Spanish heat while avoiding the extremities of the summertime.


Although there are a host of reasons for the shoulder months being the best time to go to Spain, summer remains the peak season for tourists from across the world and from Europe – largely, due to school holidays and other national holidays that make it easier to travel during this time. The summer in Spain is very dry and hot but makes for good temperature if you want to visit one of the country’s many islands or beach destinations like Majorca, Ibiza, Costa Brava or Formentera. The weather is also much more reliable during this time, with the chance of cloudy or rainy days being almost next to none. If you do intend to visit Spain during the summer time, make sure to book your flight tickets, hotel stays, restaurant reservations and tickets for major attractions in advance, as prices are significantly more expensive during this time and many major places can even sell out in advance.

There are also many iconic festivals that take place in Spain during the summer, like La Tomatina in Buñol, Feria de Malaga which is one of the biggest summertime festivals and Semana Grande in the Basque region. If you are keen to tick these experiences off your bucket list, then summer is the best time to visit Spain for you.

Regardless of which month and season you visit Spain in, you are bound to have a trip to remember, as the country has so much to offer in art, architecture, tourist attractions, music, theatre, dance, food and drink. Choosing the best time to visit Spain is a very personal choice and depends on your personal travel and weather preferences, your budget and the type of trip you are looking to have. To learn more and start planning, visit your local SOTC branch, and we can help you choose the right time for Spain holidays and best way to see the beautiful country of Spain.

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