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The mere mention of Sikkim invokes images of soaring snow-capped mountains, wide open spaces and a sky so clear that it peeks into your very soul. A holiday in Sikkim means different things for different people. For the road warriors it is one long adventurous trip, while the adventure seekers look forward to paragliding and white-water rafting in the Teesta river. For nature lovers it is a chance to commune with nature, and for families it is an opportunity to enjoy a holiday together.

But there’s one common thread that binds together all these travellers. Food!

Whether you’re in Sikkim for leisure or adventure, you will enjoy the local delicacies that pamper you with exotic yet familiar flavours. If you think about the food in Sikkim, you will conjure up images of steaming hot Thukpa or plump fluffy Momos that entice you to take a bite. But Sikkimese food is not just limited to these flavoursome favourites.

Begin your meal with a stout Sha Phaley served with a spicy chutney. Try the spicy Phagshapa with rice or the mellow Chambray which is similar to the familiar vegetable pulao. Chase it down with the fiery Raksi, a local liquor prepared from fermented rice or Kodo millets. Round off your meal with a traditional Nepalese Sel Roti.

Here’s a list of some of the best restaurants in Sikkim where you can enjoy some of the best food in Sikkim.

With its name translating to “Welcome” in the local language, you feel the friendly vibes as soon as you enter. The staff is friendly and prompt with service. Enjoy the flavourful traditional Sikkimese food here or try their Nepalese thali for some exotic flavours. The Jhol Momo, Khabsey and Sikkam are especially recommended. You must try this pocket-friendly eatery when you’re in Gangtok.

The dimly lit interiors of this quaint café hide a culinary treasure. Serving an eclectic mix of international cuisine, Crumbs n Whips offers a familiar dining experience with their pastas, pizzas and burgers. Sit back with a hot chocolate or an ice Mocha as you revel in the serene ambience. Try their desserts for a fitting end to a delicious meal.

You can see your food being prepared at this homely eatery. This is the place to head to if you are craving some authentic home-style Sikkimese cooking. The food is prepared fresh at every meal. So it may take some time before you receive your order. Call ahead and fix a time for your meal. The owner is very friendly, and you are encouraged to join in the cooking. A highly recommended dining experience!

A part of the Kabur hotel, this restaurant serves a carefully curated mix of Indian, Chinese and Tibetan cuisines. Clever ambient lighting and a mix of seating create a cosy ambience that sets the tone for your meal. A wood burner radiates welcome warmth that keeps the cold at bay in the evenings. Generous portions and a hardy menu make this one of the must-visit restaurants in Sikkim. The chicken Taipoo is especially recommended.

If you’re looking for a great contemporary ambience and a flavourful selection of food in Sikkim, head to OSM lounge in Gangtok. The cheerful lighting and the liberal use of wood in décor sets the tone for an evening of culinary pursuits. They have a diverse menu that includes Indian, Chinese, Asian and international cuisines. The chilli squid is highly recommended.

Have you ever tried Korean cuisine? Well, here’s your chance to try Korean food in Sikkim. But you will have to work for it. After climbing around 80 stairs, you will be welcomed by beautifully done interiors. The bamboo ceiling and the friendly staff will soon lull you into a quiet comfort that is interspersed with a steady procession of delicious Korean food. Try the Korean barbeque for a flavourful dining experience.

Fancy some comforting South Indian food in Sikkim? Then head to Havmor. While the interiors won’t win any prizes, the food here more than makes up for a generic décor. Bite into their crispy masala dosa and chase it with a cup of hot filter coffee. The familiar flavours will give you a much-needed break from the exotic Sikkimese fare. There’s even a souvenir shop inside that you can explore while you wait for your order.

This restaurant serves up a sizable range of Nepalese food that you can enjoy amidst a great ambience. Corn cobs, garlic cloves and chilis find a place of prominence in the décor. Try their special Thakali Thali which is served in a bronze plate. Along with some great Nepalese cuisine, you’ll get a motley selection of Chinese cuisine and fried snacks. It’s a great place to try some authentic Nepalese cuisine.

With such a wide selection of food, you can instantly sate your culinary cravings. Simply choose a Sikkim tour package from SOTC and take the first step towards your gastronomic explorations in Sikkim.

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