Norway Tourism

There’s many reasons why Norway is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its landscapes are extraordinary, be it the large ice fields or wavy coastline, the raw Arctic beauty or picturesque villages. Exploring this wondrous bounty of nature is one of the most popular facets of Norway tourism, with plenty of activities to suit all levels of adventure. From simple hikes to skilled water rafting or following the northern lights to dancing the night away, there’s something for every traveller, and it’s simply amazing.

Almost every city, town or village in the country could be seen as some of Europe’s best, offering the perfect balance of sustainability and development, relaxation and celebration, art and wildlife. And then there’s the food! A Norway holiday is only truly complete when you have sampled local delicacies and visited popular eateries. Where your Norway tour takes you is truly up to you, but with so much to see, this handy overview of the country is a great place to start planning your trip.

Norway Geography

Norway shares a home on a large peninsular towards the north, with the Swedes. Finland and Russia are also bordering nations, though not as close. The topography consists of a wide variety of mountains, seas, snow, forests and fjords. Many of its most pristine environments have been converted into national parks, but even cities are full of beautiful green spaces. All of this natural wonder is an integral part of the success of Norway tourism, many of the world’s most remarkable waterfalls also a highlight of your visit.

Norway Climate

You might imagine it to be colder than it actually is, since the passing Gulf Stream regulates Norway’s temperature to a much more bearable degree for times aside from the winter. But be wary of the winds as they can get rather rough — more than you’re used to. It’s better to pack smart for your trip as its best to be prepared for any sudden weather changes. If you’re wondering which season to plan a Norway tour, climate isn’t only thing to take into consideration. While summers offer the warmest and longest days, that’s also when you’ll face the most crowd and peak rates. For the best experience climatically and otherwise, try scheduling your visit during the autumn or spring shoulder seasons.

Norway Culture

The Land of the Midnight Sun has a lot more than the northern lights going for it. Its people and culture welcome you with as much joy as the stunning landscapes. Be it Oslo’s cosmopolitan atmosphere, quaint yet heritage towns like Bergen, Trondheim or Ålesund, the Arctic regions covered in ice, architectural marvels littered across the nation and a culinary tradition that’s seemingly found voice once again.

If you’re looking for more about Norway’s culture, you’ll find interconnected to its natural surrounds. After all, hiking, birdwatching, cycling, skiing and more — they’re all intrinsically Norwegian things to do. And your holiday could do with a bit of similar activity to get you in the spirit of the country. Did you know, people have the right to roam anywhere in the countryside, by law? And when you’re done being wild and back to the towns, you can always make your way to urban landmarks like the Bergen Railway, Tusenfryd Amusment Park and Viking Ship Museum.

Norway Tours

A Norway tour can be as adrenaline pumping or calming as you’d like. But there are certain experiences you simply cannot miss.

Fjords are integral to Norway tourism, with many of the tours and guides taking you to the best of the lot.

Meanwhile, every city has sightseeing tours that you can easily sign up for, by foot or by bus. Or if you’re with family, self-drive holidays are another great option.

Taking the railway across Norway is one of the most picturesque journeys you’ll ever get to experience, making it one of the great ways to explore the country.

Experiencing the northern lights is perhaps the best thing you could do on a tour of Norway, but you will need to time your trip accordingly.

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Norway Tourism

The following are some travel tips, do's and don'ts to keep in mind during your Norway trip.

Do’s & Don’ts


· Carry a mixed bag of clothing for all climatic conditions, as you never know when the sun could make way for rain

· Buy an Oslo pass for entry to all major sights and sounds in the city

· Consider taking a stunningly beautiful fjord sightseeing cruise for a different perspective on the beauty of Norway

· Be prepared for high expenses

· Get out there and hike!


· Do not get into a taxi without checking the rates first

· Do not drink in public on a weekday

· Don’t expect everyone to always speak in English

· Do not miss the parks of the Royal Palace

Now that you’ve gotten a bit more understanding about destination Norway, all that’s left is to begin planning your most unforgettable journey. For the best advice, Norway packages and itineraries, get in touch with the travel experts at SOTC today.