Things to Do in Munnar

It’s easy to lose yourself in the exquisite and pristine holiday locales of Munnar. The hills draw you in and bestow their calmness on you and open you up to the intricate simplicity of nature. It feels like if there’s anything to do in Munnar, it should be just gazing at the gorgeous hills to drown in their majestic beauty.

Well, you get to do just that and more. Much more. While there are several things to do in Munnar, here are our top picks to make up your Munnar itinerary.

Think tea plantations, endangered species of animals and miraculous flowers that bloom once every 12 years – all these precisely describe Munnar. But dig deeper and the mountains will reveal an artistic side that is hidden beneath their calm exteriors. While taking care of its wild life and tea blends, Munnar hasn’t overlooked its art and culture.

Places like the Mistletoe Art Gallery and Thirumeny Cultural Centre will let your artistic side feast on paintings and performing arts. Mistletoe Art Gallery exhibits paintings that are created with natural colours and ingredients. There are mural paintings made from natural dyes and charcoal. The inherent simplicity of these paintings makes them a sight to behold. What they lack in the complex artistic lingo, they make up for with the simplistic beauty of everyday objects and scenarios.

You can also marvel at paintings by some of the prominent artists of Kerala such as M Somu Aymanam and Manikanndan Punnakkal. Thirumeny Cultural Centre also contributes to the preservation of traditional art forms of Kerala by arranging Kathakali and Kalaripayattu performances.

We all climbed on the trees as kids to see how the world looks like from the top. Next time you visit Munnar, stay at one of the tree houses and explore the joy of not just climbing the tree but also staying on one. The tree houses are luxurious cabins made out of wood, complete with modern amenities. Staying in a tree house is a top thing to do in Munnar for every traveller looking for adventure and bliss.

Try these things to do in Munnar and enjoy your memorable Munnar holiday . SOTC’s Kerala packages  will help you to plan the perfect holiday so you can enjoy every moment of your stay here.

The best way to know a place and its people is by participating in their festivals. By studying the motivations behind what people choose to celebrate and how they celebrate is a great insight into their life. It is no different in Munnar.

Tea plantations being the primary occupation in Munnar, the two biggest festivals celebrated here are the harvest festivals of Onam and Pongal. Onam is celebrated in the second half of the year whereas Pongal is an official thanksgiving festival for the harvest, celebrated in January. A visit during one of these festivals is a must do thing in Munnar.

When you hear about exploring art in Munnar, you might be expecting a visit to an art gallery or two where you can explore and appreciate art in the sterile confines of the gallery. If that’s what you are expecting, then you will be surprised to know that Munnar has its own art village.

The Punarjani traditional village was created by a group of artists from Munnar to revive the local art scene here. This place is located 8 km away from the main town of Munnar. It hosts Kathakali and Kalaripayattu performances to promote awareness and acceptance. The next time you are in Munnar, visit Punarjani. Don’t be surprised if you end up having a conversation with a local artist over a hot cup of tea. We assure you that it is one of the most fun things to do in Munnar. 

If you are always fascinated by the colour, texture and the scent of wood, then Johnson’s is the best place for you to shop for wooden craftwork. From snake boats to utensils and traditional lamps, everything here is made of wood.

Wondering why you should specifically buy your wooden souvenirs here? You will be mesmerized by the variety of wood used to make the handicrafts. Sandalwood, teakwood and so many other types of wood. The different colours and textures make for an eclectic selection of souvenirs.

Shopping in Munnar is something that you must not miss out on. Explore the markets and take back a piece of Munnar with loads of memories. If you are worried that you won’t have enough time to go shopping on your trip, then let our experts at SOTC know about it and we’ll customize your Munnar Packages to suit your preferences. Browse through more of ours Kerala Tour Packages  for a memorable holidays in the backwaters of Kerala

Who could have thought that a shopping trip can be a nature trail too? Head to Kanan Devan plantations to stock up on some premium tea blends and treat your senses with lush green plantations here. Become a tea connoisseur by studying the origins and history of tea at the Tata Tea Museum here. You will bring home more than just the knowledge about the nation’s favourite beverage as you will be greeted with free goodies such as packaged tea and scented tea sachets. 

When the mountains come calling, they carry the zest of adventure with them. As much as you will love the calm and peace of Munnar, you will also fall in love with its unique ways to give you the adrenaline rush. Take along your two-wheeled companion for mountain biking or ditch those high-end engines and rent a cycle instead.

A ride in unknown terrains is an exciting memory that remains with you for a long time. Rock climbing at some of the highest points of South India is an adrenaline rush that is superbly contrasted by the calm majesty of these peaks. Do some rock climbing and bond with these mountains more closely! Adventure activities are popular things to do in Munnar. If you want to unleash your adventurous side, then Munnar will definitely help you along in your endeavours.

Whether you want to discover off-beat paths to set up your tent or want to spend the night amidst tea plantations under the starry sky, camping is a must do thing in Munnar. You can sign up with one of the many camping groups who share your enthusiasm about exploring Munnar beneath a starry gaze. Or you can just head on your own with your camping equipment and enjoy a trek with your friends.

Either way, you will be enthralled by the captivating beauty of Munnar under the moonlight. Camping is a top thing to do in Munnar as the view of the sleeping forest is a soothing sight for the soul. We recommend going camping with a group. Do not venture into any prohibited territories in the forests or the tea estates. Go camping and get some jungle soup for the soul!

If you have heard about Kerala, then you must have heard about the rich and wide variety of spices cultivated here. Green Land Spices Supermarket, in the main market of Munnar, is like a pilgrimage for spice lovers. With fresh aromatic varieties and local spice mixes, this shop will help you to add that authentic Keralite zest to your food.

There’s more than one reason to visit this outlet that sells fabulous clothing. All the garments sold here are coloured with natural dyes made from the roots, barks, leaves and flowers. The intricate designs are all done by differently abled artisans making them even more special. From saris to shawls buy whatever catches your eye and support the noble initiative. A visit to this place will give you a unique experience of shopping in Munnar.

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