Munnar Tourism

Munnar is Kerala introducing you to the majestic Western Ghats. As these Ghats are deemed UNESCO world heritage site, Munnar’s rich flora and fauna don’t come across as a surprise to us. Every bit of this hill station showcases nature’s wonders.

Home to the endangered mountain goat, the Nilgiri tahr, a visit to Munnar is an exclusive experience for every traveller. The beautifully cascading Lakkam waterfalls just adds to the beauty of this hilly paradise. Munnar tourism is an exceptional experience not just for the traveller but also the explorer in you.  

Munnar Geography

Munnar stands tall on the shoulders of 3 merging mountains - Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala. In the land of beaches, this place is your entry to an alternate world of mountains in Kerala. Located at 1600 metres above sea level, Munnar was a favourite vacation spot during the British Raj. Anamudi is the highest peak in Munnar, towering at a whopping 2,695 metres. It’s safe to say that Munnar tourism will give you a holiday high, literally! 

Munnar Climate

The frosty mountains aren’t a rare affair in Munnar. The climate here is closer to Western Ghats’ chilly weather than to Kerala’s humid vibes. The summers are sunny accompanied with a cool breeze, but the winters are freezing as the temperatures drop to 0 degree Celsius. However, bone-chilling winters only start in December and continue till February, leaving the rest of the year with a pleasant climate.

As the hill station is nestled in the Western Ghats, the dense monsoon clouds bring heavy showers to Munnar. Those who love an extreme cold can visit Munnar during winters. Others who would like only a mild taste of winters in the hills can plan their trips in summer.

If you love the fragrance of wet soil and the calming rhythm of rain drops on the leaves, then there’s no better monsoon escapade than Munnar. While these hills of Kerala have the best climate throughout the year, check out the availability of tourist spots and accommodation when you include Munnar tourism in your itinerary.

Munnar Culture

Though the place looks serenely untouched, Munnar has seen a plethora of diverse civilisations over the years which have left behind their marks on its culture and traditions. The local Muthuvan tribe lays the basis for most of the practices. However, being the favourite hill station of the Britishers, the culture of Munnar has some British influences on it too.

Kerala is multi-ethnic land where people of different faiths exist together. Munnar is no different. Onam is the king of festivals in Munnar and in most parts of Kerala. As tea plantation is the main means of earning livelihood here, the harvest festival of Onam is celebrated with great joy. Munnar tourism is your getaway to experiencing a holiday in the lush green hills crowned with different cultural hues. 

Munnar Tourism

Kerala is often described as a tropical paradise. Coconut trees, beaches, and fresh seafood is all that come to mind. Now do a 360-degree turn in your imagination and think of tea plantations, lush green hills and waterfalls the next time you think of Kerala. That’s right! Munnar is Kerala’s astonishing charm. You can either book a tour just to Munnar and spend some time away from the beaches. Or you can include a 1- 2 days Munnar stay in your Kerala itinerary and get the best of both worlds - A sunny vacation at the beaches and teeth-chattering hike in Munnar. Either way, we recommend that you do not skip Munnar tourism, next time you are in Kerala. 

Different Packages different magic!

A typical Munnar tour is coupled with a visit to neighbouring tourist spots such as Cochin, Alleppey, Kovalam and Trivandrum. However, there are customised packages, such as the Honeymoon package, that either includes an extended houseboat stay on the backwaters or a long stay in the hills of Munnar.

The Kerala Ayurveda tour is another option that opens doors to Munnar. Though you will be availing the Ayurvedic therapies at other places on the itinerary such as Kovalam and Cochin, a peaceful stay at Munnar will prepare you for the rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments.  If you want to plan an off-beat tour, then you can visit Munnar to marvel at the cascading waterfalls, the soaring mountains and the rich, diverse ecology of the region.

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Munnar Tourism Tips

The following are some travel tips, do's and don'ts to keep in mind during your Munnar trip.


• Irrespective of the season, carry a pair of woollen clothes while visiting Munnar. 

• Carry your medicines along.

• Relish a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee every day you are here. 

• Carry a mosquito repellent if you are planning to trek or camp. 

• Plan your visit in advance, as this place is always buzzing with tourists


• Do not violate any local rules at the temples or other places. 

• Do not take the safety gear for granted while trekking and hiking through the hills.

• Don’t litter or pluck leaves and flowers in gardens and tea plantations.

• Do not drive on your own unless you are used to driving in hilly regions and on steep roads. 

• Don’t interfere with the tribal lifestyle. If you want to visit a local household, get due permission first. 

• Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes or clothing. You will be walking around quite a lot to explore Munnar. 

Plan your next Munnar trip and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Sit back and picture yourself in the lush green hills while SOTC plans your next Kerala Holidays!