Best Time to Visit Madrid

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Best Time to Visit Madrid

Madrid, the capital city of and the largest in Spain, is a must-do destination for every type of traveller. With a huge array of activities and attractions, spready across music, art, architecture, history, food, drink and celebration, the city offers something for everyone. One of the important parts of having a good holiday is making sure that you visit at the right time. So, when is the best time to visit Madrid? The answer is not as straightforward as you may think.

The right time for you depends on multiple factors, including the travel budget that you have set for yourself, the experiences that you are looking to get from your trip and the climate of the city you are visiting, along with your personal preference.

Deciding when to visit Madrid can be a very personal decision. At SOTC, we have been helping people craft their dream holiday itinerary for many, many years. If you are keen to visit Madrid but unsure about when you would like to go, or simply want to learn more about what the city has to offer during different seasons, give us a call or visit us at your local SOTC branch to check out wide range of Madrid tour packages and Spain tour packages.

Shoulder Seasons

Shoulder seasons get their name from the fact that they sit on either side of the peak travel season. In the case of Madrid, spring and autumn are the shoulder seasons, as summer is the peak time for tourist travel to Spain.

Contrary to what you may think, the shoulder seasons can be the best time to visit Madrid for many reasons. First and foremost, let’s talk about the weather. Summertime is the peak season for tourists from Europe and around the world because of the warm weather; however, if you visit Madrid in the last month of spring or the first month of autumn, you can enjoy the lovely weather and warmth without the crowds of tourists that you will find during the summer time.

In addition to this, travelling to the capital of Spain during either of the shoulder seasons means that you are able to save money on flight tickets, hotels, tour tickets, souvenirs and other parts of your holiday, which you can then spend on enjoyable experiences and extras. During peak tourist season, most tourist hotspots in the city of Madrid (and in most cities around the world) will have slightly higher price points when it comes to accommodation, restaurants and more. If you’re looking to maximise your money, visiting Madrid during spring or autumn is your best bet.

In addition, there are many exciting Madrid festivals that take place during these months, such as San Isidro and Fiesta Dos de Mayo in spring, and Día de la Hispanidad and Feria de Otoño in autumn.

Peak Season 

Summertime is peak season in Madrid for a good reason. Not only is the weather warm and the sun is shining; it also tees up quite well with school holidays around the world, making it easier for families to plan and travel to Madrid.

The best part about travelling to Madrid during this time of year is the buzz that runs throughout the city. While some may find the crowds and tourists overwhelming, seeing the city of Madrid come alive during the summertime is unlike anything else. In addition to that, the fantastic weather makes for an excellent beach day, and while Madrid doesn’t have beaches of its own, there are plenty of nearby beaches like Playa de Langre, Santander Bay Beach, La Concha, Cap de Ceus and Playa de Bolonia, to name a few. Take out a day from your time in the capital to visit one of these beautiful, scenic beaches and soak in all of the sun, sand and sea that your heart desires.

In addition, if you like to shop, being in Madrid during the summer time is a great idea – the city’s summer sales are truly some of the best in the world! Many popular global brands like Zara and Bershka headquartered in Spain, making them lower-priced than in other parts of the world. During the summer sales, discounts can be as high as 75% off! Now, who doesn’t love a good deal?

Of course, travelling anywhere during peak time can come with some challenges. Major tourist attractions and monuments are likely to be more crowded and have longer queues, but the latter can be easily avoided by booking tickets online and in advance wherever possible, to avoid wasting time.


While many people shirk at the idea of visiting the Spanish capital during winter, it can actually be one of the most serene times to visit. First things first, winters in Madrid can be cold with temperatures often nearing zero during the heart of the winter. However, during the first few weeks and the last few weeks of winter, temperatures are significantly milder than in other parts of Europe.

In addition, not only will you be able to score flight tickets, hotels and other parts of your trip at much lower prices than any other time of year; you will also be able to witness some of the most important festivals in Madrid that take place during winter, like Christmas, when the city lights up with joy and celebration. Winters are also the best time to indulge in the classic Spanish dessert of churros with hot chocolate.

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