Things to Do in Jordan

The jewel of Middle East tourism, places to see in Jordan offer plenty of first-time experiences and a few that are likely once-in-a-lifetime. The good news? You can fit them all into your itinerary with ease! Look forward to a variety of things to do in Jordan – on foot, by car, even on camel and horseback. Forget reading about history, it’s time to relive it.

Jordan sightseeing is a multi-faceted experience, one that SOTC knows inside out. Which is why there’s no one better to plan your tour with our Jordan tour packages and Africa tour packages.

There’s a long list of Jordan sightseeing places. Catch first light at the gorgeous hidden city of Petra – or perhaps by candlelight instead? Visit other famed sightseeing destinations including the Roman ruins at Jerash or Umm Qais, soak in spectacular Jordan Valley vistas from the 12th Century Ajloun Castle, the mosaic relics at Umm Ar-Rasas, or the Citadel, Hand of Hercules and The Duke’s Diwan in capital, Amman. The list has only just begun!

For the spiritually inclined, there are many places to see in Jordan. These hallowed lands have a deep religious past. Mount Nebo is the place from where Moses witnessed the Promised Land. It is also his final resting place, with a commemorative site to pay your respects as well as a magnificent sight of the valley below. In the small town of Madaba, you’ll get to see a gorgeous mosaic map of the Middle East tracing as far back as the 6th century, in the Byzantine Church of St. George. Along the famed King’s Highway, Shobak and Karak castles are a regular tourist pit stop – and your chance to see Crusader era bastions. There’s also Bethany Beyond Jordan – the actual home of John the Baptist and original site of Jesus’ baptism!

One of the best things to do in Jordan is to revel in its natural environment – a thrilling mix of endless desert, mountain tops, bio reserves, canyons, rivers and seas. Go trekking, camel or horse riding and Bedouin camping in Wadi Rum, underwater exploring in Aqaba and the Red Sea, floating and healing in the Dead Sea waters or the Ma’in Hot Springs, hiking in the majestic Dana or Mujib Biosphere Reserves. And for those who dare, there’s the new Jordan Trail – a trek literally from the top to the bottom of the country, passing all its famed sights along the way. There’s also rock climbing, running and cycling tours if you’re interested.

Still wondering what to see in Jordan? Indulge! There’s delicious food and great bargains waiting to be sampled. Try local and regional delicacies like Mansaf, Mezze, Halva, Baklava and Harisa – your taste buds will thank you! Then there’s the most fun kind of shopping – in souqs! The one in Amman is considered a must-see amongst Jordan tourist attractions, and offers everything from rose water and incense to handmade antiques and exotic bead jewellery. The least challenging souvenir collecting you’ll ever have to do!

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