Jordan Tourism

One of tourism’s best kept secrets is slowly being discovered. Jordan. A country that’s almost entirely desert, yet holds everything from rolling hills, olive and wheat plantations, edgy mountains and vibrant coral reefs. Paths from Africa, Europe and Asia collide here, and these roads have witnessed traders and travellers alike, since prehistoric times. Today, there aren’t as many nomads, caravans and armies crossing this ancient land, but holidaymakers and visitors are still just as welcomed in this safe haven of the Middle East, for an experience unlike anywhere else in the world.

Jordan Geography

Jordan is a sovereign Arab State, bordered by Saudi Arabia on the south, Iraq and Syria to the north and Israel and Palestine to the west. Even though the country is primarily desert, it has the River Jordan flowing into the intriguing Dead Sea as well as a slim connect to the Red Sea at Aqaba. The three main geographic regions of the country include – Jordan Valley and Mountain Heights Plateau to the west and the Eastern Desert region. The Dead Sea is the lowest recorded point on earth, making it not just one of Jordan’s stand-out features, but indeed one of the planet’s. The northeast and southeast are both primarily desert regions, but with two distinctive geographies. The first, is flat and dotted with oasis refuges. While the latter holds peculiar sandstone cliffs. Jordan tours can be planned around your preferred regions and the activities they hold.

Jordan Climate

Altitude plays a huge role in making Jordan tourism an all-year phenomenon, with places like Amman and Petra situated much above sea level. Essentially, the country has two seasons – a long and hot summer from May to November, and a cold winter from December to February. Rain is experienced only in the winter season, just about enough. You could consider the climate of Jordan akin to Mediterranean, albeit to the higher lands. In the mostly desert lands, expect hot days and cold nights. Climatic factors are considered when planning Jordan tours, so that you get the best experience the country has to offer.

Jordan Culture

Explore one of the world’s most culturally rich countries, one that has roots in everything from ancient history to religion to trade – all set against a stunning desertscape beyond your wildest imagination. Where so many have crossed paths in years gone past, there’s no time like the present for a cultural escapade. Local values and traditions are based in Arab culture, just as the ethnicity of majority population as well as its religion. Jordanians are a happy bunch, proud of their heritage, yet accepting of modern culture and of visitors from around the world. While its inhabitants are mostly Muslims of the Sunni sect and relate to the Arab community at large, there is a minority population of Christian Armenians, Chechen and Kurd Muslims and the ancestral Bedouin desert nomadic community too! Jordan prides itself at being tolerant and multi-cultural – a true haven of the Middle East. The best way to experience Jordan tourism through a cultural lens, is interacting with the locals. Over a coffee, perhaps? Or maybe a rustic home-stay with the Bedouins. You’ll also witness it in its magnificent monuments and ruins, mosques and churches, deserts and seas, in its tribal beliefs and its luxurious urban districts, in its local delicious flavours and high-end eateries. Jordan tourism – a cultural odyssey that’s waiting to be experienced.

Jordan Tours

Travel means different things for different people. Luckily, Jordan tours have something for everyone.

For the outdoorsy, there’re superb treks or hikes. It’s also a great cycling nation, with many enthusiasts choosing to visit. Dana to Petra is a well-traversed trekking trail, or the longer one between Wadi Rum and Petra. Along the way, you’ll see wonders, wander off the ventured paths and camp in true Bedouin style, under a canopy of stars. There’re day hikes you could do too, like the spectacular Wadi Mujib Siq Trail, wading through knee-deep crystal-clear water, or you could simply follow a water stream on the Wadi Mukheiris Hike. You haven’t even gotten to the canyoning and diving yet!

If you’re looking for that much-needed luxurious vacay, Jordan tourism holds some of the most high-end experiences in this part of the world. Visit places like Wadi Rum and Petra with that luxe touch, including staying in some of the finest hotels and desert lodges. Great for honeymooners too!

And of course, the stunning highlights of your tour will be witnessing and exploring Jordan’s thousands of landmarks, sites and ancient antiquities. Ride the famed King’s Highway, take the paths once taken by Lawrence of Arabia, visit everything from glorious Petra to the City of Mosaics – Madaba. See the ruins of Amman or the Roman remnants of Jerash. Don’t miss Crusader-era monuments like Karak Castle and Showbak. And then there’s still a whole lot of museums, cultural centres, galleries and heritage craft shops left on your itinerary!


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Jordan Tourism

Do’s & Don’ts

Traveller etiquette is all about respecting the place of visit. While Jordanians are always friendly and hospitable, it always helps to make the right gestures.


  • Stand up and shake hands when greeting locals
  • Accept a cup of coffee from a local, as it is a symbol of Arab friendliness
  • Have a good bargain with a shopkeeper!
  • Dress appropriately when exploring religious and cultural locations


  • Interrupt or pass in front of people praying in public spaces
  • Openly consume food or drink during the month of Ramzan
  • Worry about safety, as Jordan is a safe country for tourists
  • Think too much about eating more than usual – food is an integral part of culture and people will always offer you a second, third or even fourth helping!

Jordan tourism promises to take you on a journey unlike any other, and you don’t even need to worry about planning it. Just leave it all to the experienced SOTC. Our Jordan tour packages and Africa tour packages ensures a memorable holiday for you!