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Getting to Europe

From India, there are plenty of options to reach Europe by air. Most major cities in India have direct flights to popular cities in Europe like London, Paris, Rome and Amsterdam, with direct flight durations ranging from approximately seven hours (Mumbai to Istanbul) to a little over ten hours (Mumbai to London); however, there are no direct flights to Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Denmark at the moment. If you’re looking for cheaper flight tickets and have some extra hours to spare, it is a good idea to look at connecting flights which frequently stopover in other Indian cities or in Middle Eastern cities like Dubai and Doha. When it comes to booking your flights in Europe, it is important to note that summertime in Europe is the peak season for tourists and flight tickets can become very expensive, very quickly. If you have visibility, it is always a good idea to book your tickets as early as possible, to get the best possible deal on your tickets and free up more money to spend on your holiday itself. If you are looking to plan a multi-city or multi-country holiday, take the time to look at different combinations of flights to different cities. It may well be worth your time to alter the sequence of your cities in order to score cheaper flight tickets.

Travelling by Flight in Europe

Still, if you prefer to fly within Europe, there are a host of carriers like Vueling, Easy Jet and Ryan Air that offer quick routes with cheap tickets. Bear in mind that while flight tickets may be cheap with these airlines, all additional products and services are chargeable – for example, a basic flight ticket usually only includes an allowance of one hand baggage, so if you are unable to travel light or end up shopping too much, you will have to pay extra. In addition, these airlines can be quite unpredictable in terms of timing and delays, especially during peak tourist season. If you have a higher travel budget, you may want to book with a national carrier instead of a low-cost airline, for your own peace of mind and if not, Vueling, Easy Jet and Ryan Air are the way to go. Again, flight tickets can become pricey when booked at the last minute, especially during the summer months as there is not only an influx of tourists from outside Europe, but a host of Europeans who are travelling within the region as well.

Travelling by Car in Europe

Another excellent option for travelling around Europe is to rent a car. The larger your group, the cheaper this option becomes per person. In addition, road-tripping through Europe is a completely different experience and so many memories from your holiday will be those that you create on the road. Most car rental companies will allow you to drive their car across multiple countries; however, note that if your pick-up and drop-off city are different, the rental price can be more expensive. If you decide to go with this option, make sure that you have the right license to be able to drive in Europe and opt for a well-known provider, even if the rental is a few extra euros per day.

Travelling by Bus in Europe

If you’re on an extremely tight budget, you may want to look at taking the bus across Europe. While it isn’t as scenic as the train experience and it does take much longer, the tickets are cheap and can allow you to save a great deal of money that you can then spend on other parts of your trip. Many of the bus companies in Europe offer excellent services like free-Wi-Fi and reclining seats, so you will be quite comfortable on your journey. While you can buy tickets at the time of travel, it is wise to book them in advance if you happen to be in Europe during the summertime – the last thing you want is to be stranded in a city! Travelling to and around Europe is easy, with so many possible options and modes of transport. It’s important to make your choice on the basis of your budget, your comfort and your preferences. To plan your Europe itinerary and transport in the best possible way, visit your nearest SOTC branch – we have been planning Europe holidays for years and will ensure that your trip is nothing short of amazing.

Travelling by Train in Europe

Once you have reach mainland Europe, there are plenty of options to travel across the continent. One of the most popular modes of transport in Europe is train, as Eurail connects 28 countries. When it comes to booking your train pass, there are many permutations and combinations to play with. Broadly speaking, Eurail offers two types of passes – a single country pass that enables you to travel across multiple cities in one country, or a global pass that allows you to travel to multiple countries within Europe. Within the global pass, you have passes that will allow you to take a fixed number of rides within a given timeframe, and passes that will allow you to take unlimited train rides within a given time frame – the former works well for travellers who have a well-planned, multi-country itinerary, while the latter is a great choice for spontaneous travellers who have a rough idea of where they want to go, but prefer the flexibility that the pass allows them. While train rides do take longer than flights, they can often be an experience in their own right. Riding through the European country side shows you a different side of the continent that few people see when they travel by plane.

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