Best Time to Visit Croatia

Weather Conditions in Croatia


Best Time to Visit Croatia

A gorgeous destination like Croatia receives visitors during summer months more often than not because people want to enjoy the blue skies and lounge by the beaches. But inland, there are other things to consider as well as there is more to Croatia than water-based activities. Croatia’s climate is mild throughout the year but summers can be quite hot and if you’re not accustomed to the heat, you will find it quite gruelling. So which is the best season to go to Croatia?

On the coast, the climate is Mediterranean while inland, it is more continental. So it all depends on where you plan to visit. Here’s a season-wise break down of which would be the best time to go to Croatia.

Summer in Croatia

Summer falls in the months of July and August and many consider it to be the best time to travel to Croatia. The days are hot and the waters have the ideal temperature for swimming. However, in the interiors, the country experiences a more extreme version of this coastal climate. Summers tend to be quite hot here and temperatures can reach mid 30s (centigrade). Peak tourist season is August and if you are planning to visit any of the cities along the coast, there will be crowds and long queues at ferries, so be prepared for that.

Autumn in Croatia 

This is the shoulder season and although there are lesser crowds, several restaurants and bars might also be closed. Even the activities and other events might be limited in October although this is also wine harvest time and most Croatian families head to the hills and you could see some of the revelry. But with fewer options for things to see and do, it might not be the best time to visit Croatia.

Croatia in Winter

Winter is actually a popular season despite the cold. Christmas and New Year celebrations especially in cities like Dubrovnik are amazing. Even a case of urban sightseeing can be quite enjoyable at this time, especially in historic cities such as Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. Come February, the weather might still be cold but it’s also festival and carnival time, so the air is alight with energy. For this reason alone, people consider winter to be the best time to visit Croatia.

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