Croatia Tourism

In recent years, Croatia tourism is at the forefront of this Eastern European country’s economy and it’s easy to see why. The country has developed into a wonderful vacation spot for those who love beaches and for those who want to indulge in cultural tourism as well. Today, millions of tourists come from all over the world on Croatia tours to get a glimpse of this gorgeous country.

In Dubrovnik alone, there have been more than ten thousand visitors a day, just to see the Old Town. This part of Dubrovnik shot up to fame when it became part of the famous TV show Game of Thrones, where it was used as the location for King’s Landing. People have been flocking it in droves, just to see it with their own eyes, giving a boost to Croatia tourism tremendously.

From beautiful lush forests to enchanting waterfalls, Croatia seems to have everything. A Croatia tour is the perfect way to satisfy your traveller’s itch and to enjoy some historic sites as well.  

Croatia Geography 

Located in Central Europe on the coast of the Adriatic coast, it has borders with Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Slovenia. Geographical features include mountains and thousands of islands and islets of which 48 are permanently inhabited. There are hills in the north and flat plains in the East while the Central and Southern regions have low mountains and forested highlands. Croatia is also known for its caves and lakes, and the most famous being Plitvice Lakes, which is a stunning system involving 16 lakes with waterfalls.

Croatia Climate

Croatia has three climatic regions with coastal areas having a more Mediterranean climate of cool rainy winters and hot, dry summers, while the lowlands have a continental climate with cold winters and hot summers. Meanwhile, the mountainous region has an alpine climate. In summer, it’s recommended to pack light clothing with rainwear, and medium heavy clothing for winter. Inland areas tend to be colder, so heavier clothing is always better.

Croatian Culture 

Croatian culture can be absolutely fascinating thanks to the amalgamation of different influences it has faced over the years. The traditional culture of this country is actually quite diverse as a result of historical influences - Mediterranean, Central European, Ancient Balkan and Oriental to name a few. Some of the things that stand out is their love for red and white chequerboard design that seems to proliferate everything – from flags to jerseys of national sports teams. There’s also a great love for soccer and food that is evident everywhere.

Croatia Tours

While Croatia is famous for its beaches, there are numerous other destinations that are worth enjoying here as well. Croatia tourism has seen a sharp spike with people coming to enjoy the various delights the country offers in different seasons. For instance, Dubrovnik is simply wonderful in the winter. Unlike other European countries where people are shivering in the cold, Dubrovnik stays comfortable, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee on the terrace of a restaurant without freezing. Exploring the Ancient City walls, the charming Dubrovnik Winter Festival and the Game of Thrones tour are some of the amazing things you can do in just Dubrovnik.

Pula in Istria is another point in favour of Croatia tourism with its beaches and the Roman Arena which is a huge draw. The Brijuni National Park is also nearby which houses the remains of ancient Roman villas and temples while one can even track dinosaur footprints on the seashores here.

Apart from these historic wonders, there’s a modern element in the city of Zadar that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Called Greeting to the Sun, it’s a large circle of glass and solar panels that collect the sun’s energy during the day to put on a light show at night.

In Split, the Diocletian’s Palace built in the third century AD is part of the city even now, and not cloistered off separately as it is in most other historical cities. The city just grew around it, so chances are, the restaurant you’re eating at might be sharing a wall with a Roman ruin. Don’t be surprised if it is true!

There are various other national parks here – Northern Velebit National Park which is great for hiking as the largest mountain in the country, Velebit Mountain is a part of it, or Krka National Park which flows through the Krka River. The flora and fauna at these parks is fascinating and you’ll spend endless hours enjoying the moments of quiet beauty around you.

Language Spoken

Croatian,Serbian, Bosnian and Montenegrin

Currency used:

Croatian kuna


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Croatia Tourism

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Drive carefully. Be careful if you’re renting a car to drive around the countryside, as the coastal roads are quite tricky.
  • Use the bus service whenever possible. Public transport is quite economical and well-connected. If you’re thinking of inter-city travel, then buses are the better option because not all cities are connected by train.
  • Do explore the nearby islands on the ferry or charter a boat.


  • Do not talk on the phone while driving. This is illegal in Croatia and you could land in trouble.
  • Avoid the Dubrovnik City Walls during the afternoon which is the peak time when visitors crowd this place. It gets hot and uncomfortable and you won’t be able to enjoy anything.

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