Restaurants and Places to Eat in Cambodia

Not many people are aware of Cambodian food, or how delicious it is. Its neighbours, Vietnam and Thailand, have monopolised the culinary scene in terms of global reach. But with more visitors heading into Cambodia these days, slowly the cuisine has emerged stronger. Some of the best Cambodian food can be found in the streets and with its use of fresh herbs and spices, you’ll find that your palate has indeed been treated most exquisitely.

There are fine dining restaurants in Cambodia, although street food and Khmer cuisine are more popular. The exotic elements of the dishes make them stand out. Now popular Cambodian food like Fish Amok has indeed arrived on the culinary scene with a bang. Other innovative dishes that have made their presence felt here include the refreshing chicken and banana flower salad, Khmer curry, green mango salad that’s both tart and packs a punch. If you cannot wait to try out the best restaurants in Cambodia mentioned below when you visit the country, do make it a point to check the SOTC website for excellent offers and deals on Cambodia holidays.

Let us look at what you can expect when you go to some of the places to eat in Cambodia.

Often considered to be Cambodia’s signature dish, this is a creamy curry that is served everywhere. Diced freshwater fish is cooked in coconut milk, palm sugar, eggs and fish sauce. A special paste called kroeung is also added and the fish is steamed in a banana leaf.

For some delicious Cambodian food, try Nom Banh Chok which consists of thin rice noodles in a green fish gravy with banana flowers, bean sprouts, cucumber and vegetables. The odd combination comes together beautifully and is quite popular.

For this dish, pork is marinated in a mixture of coconut milk and garlic before being grilled. You can find this dish at most of Cambodia’s street stalls, served with broken rice and fresh vegetables.

A popular Cambodian dish, the Kaw is braised chicken or pork topped with an egg. The whole dish is covered with a rich sauce of caramelised palm sugar, fish sauce and pepper.

Lort Cha is made of short fat noodles that are stir-fried with beef, beansprouts, broccoli, and herbs. It’s topped with fish and soy sauce and a fried egg is placed on top.

This dish has flattened bananas, dipped into a batter with black sesame seeds and then deep-fried. It’s a popular street snack.

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