Places to Visit in Assam

Warm locals and colourful tribes - the beating heart of Assam. Purple hills and green valleys, the magnetic force that pulls a million people to its door, Assam is the gateway to northeast India’s golden culture. A fusion of history, heritage and nature. A treasure trove of handlooms and delicacies, costumes and dance! A melting pot of spirituality and recreation, with a glimpse into the fascinating wildlife.

Assam tourist places cater to every type of traveller. It constantly pulls out magic tricks from its hat. With so much to give, it has the makings of a perfect holiday. And if you’re looking for some quiet time away from the frenzy of life, it is all the more appealing.

Here are some of the leading destinations and places to explore in Assam. Read on, to find out what makes each of them so special!

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Northeast India’s largest city, Guwahati is a popular tourist destination. And for good reason too! Here you will discover some wonderful places to visit in Assam. Take a spiritual tour of temples that are also architectural marvels; Kamakhya Temple, Umananda Temple. Head to the Assam State Zoo, where you can observe some exotic wild animals such as the Himalayan Black Bear and the clouded leopard. Assam State Museum offers you a glimpse into the illustrious history of the state. You can view epigraphy, sculptures, natural history, folk art, artefacts, anthropology and arms.

The world’s largest river island, Majuli floats in the Brahmaputra River. A sea of green and blue. The region brims with so much to see and do! It is renowned for its sacred Vaishnavite Satras (monasteries) which include Kamalabari SatraDakhinpat SatraGaramurh SatraAuniati SatraBengenaati Satra and Samaguri Satra. It is home to the thrilling Molai Forest which houses the Bengali tiger, Indian rhinoceros, monkeys, rabbits and over 100 species of deer. It has also been featured in a number of documentaries. Check out this reserve, amongst the many places to visit in Assam.

Jatinga is a lush and alluring village on a ridge. Its name roughly translates to a pathway of rain and wind. This region is synonymous with the mysterious phenomenon of birds committing suicide. This has attracted ornithologists from the world over. During the months of September and November, you can actually view this strange occurrence from the watchtower. Amongst several places to go in Assam, this one truly stands out. Especially if you love a good thriller! When in Jatinga, you must also visit its orange orchards. It is famous for its sweet and juicy oranges!

One of Assam’s largest districts, Sonitpur has a lot in its basket to satisfy intrepid travellers. You can visit Agnigarh, roughly translated to fire fortress. It is an ancient hillock which is dedicated to Hindu mythology. It is believed that Banasura built it to keep his daughter Usha in isolation. This is one of the must-visit places in Assam. Orang National Park is yet another delightful wildlife sanctuary where you can spot the one-horned  rhinoceros, pygmy hogelephant, wild buffalo and tiger. And if you want some peace and quiet, amidst a picturesque atmosphere Chitralekha Udyan is the place to be. It is a lovely park with an enchanting scenery. Here, you can paddle boat and even go on a bumper car ride!

Jorhat is a town that has borne many literary scholars. From creative writers, to historians and journalists. It is an exciting place with a potpourri of offerings. For instance, you must visit Cinnamara and Senlung tea estates which were Assam’s first tea plantations. You will be able to glimpse tea plants that are 20-30 metres high. For a trip down memory lane, head over to Ladai Garh which was built by King Pratap Sinha. This imposing façade was used as fortified protection against intruders. Raja Maidam is a beautiful park that acts as a mausoleum for Raja Purandar Sinha’s ashes. It ranks high on the list of Assam tourist places.

Hajo is an ancient pilgrimage centre that serves 3 religions; Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism. Amidst several spiritual places to visit in Assam, this one is truly special. Hajo Power Mecca is a must-visit mosque that attracts not only Muslims, but Hindus too. It is believed that those who offer a prayer over here gain a quarter of the blessings that they would receive if they visited the real Mecca. You must also visit Hayagriva Madhava Temple, which is sacred to Hindus and Buddhists. The temple holds a Lord Vishnu idol which is similar to the one held in Puri. Furthermore, Gautam Buddha is said to have achieved nirvana at this site.

Assam’s only hillstation, Haflong, is laden with waterfalls, lakes, parks, temples, churches and historic sites. When it comes to Assam tourist places, you will be spoilt for choice! Visit Haflong lake, with its charming hanging bridges and views of the magnificent Himalayas. Here, you can engage in leisure activities such as boating and fishing. It is the ideal spot for families. You must also tour the many churches out there, such as Evangelical Free Church of India and Presbyterian Church of India.

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