Best Time to Visit Amsterdam

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Best Time to Visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, and has become a very popular destination for tourism in recent years. Today, the city attracts millions of tourists from around Europe and from across the globe – and with good reason too. The season and time at which you visit a city or country can make a world of difference to your experience, and is one of the most important factors to consider when planning your trip. So, when is the best time to visit Amsterdam, you ask? We have got the information you need!

Peak Season 

Like other parts of Europe, summer is the peak tourist season in Amsterdam for multiple reasons, such as the convenience of school holidays for those travelling with children, and the warmer weather which makes days out and about more enjoyable. However, peak season in Amsterdam kicks off a little before the summertime, starting in April, the middle of spring. A key reason for this is that Amsterdam weather is rarely extreme – both the summertime and wintertime are mild in comparison to other parts of Europe, giving tourists more flexibility on when to travel and creating a longer peak season than in other parts of Europe.

If you are keen to experience the beauty of the infamous tulips, then visiting early on during the peak season is the best time to go to Amsterdam. While the tulip-viewing seasons runs from March until the middle of May, April is when the flowers are in full bloom and at their most beautiful. You can also pair this with the King’s Day Festival which takes place on the 27th of April every year. The entire city is on holiday, and everyone dresses up in orange while making merry and having a massive, city-wide street party, all to celebrate the birthday of the king.

Travelling during spring will also enable you to visit many of the city’s tourist attractions and monuments without crowds and long lines, meaning that you will spend more time experiencing Amsterdam and less time standing around in queues or trying to get from place to place. In addition, visiting during the beginning of peak season – at the end of April or early May – can be significantly cheaper when it comes to booking flight ticket and hotels, making it the best time to visit Amsterdam for budget-wary adventurers. As with most European cities, prices are significantly higher during the summertime. The good news is that visiting Amsterdam in mid to late Spring allows you benefit from the warm weather and start of summer, without the high prices that come with it.

Shoulder Season in Amsterdam

March and September are the ‘shoulder months’ when it comes to Amsterdam tourist, as they fall right before and right after the peak time. Depending on your preferences, these months can often be the best time to visit Amsterdam – especially for travellers on a budget.

There are also a host of unique activities and experiences that you can take part in during these months. In March, you can experience the Amsterdam Coffee Festival, HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show and DiningCity Restaurant week. In September, take part in the Open Monuments Day, Amsterdam Fringe Festival and Valtifest.

The best part about visiting during shoulder months is that prices are even lower than they are in April or August – and if you book in advance, you can score an event better deal. By saving money on hotel rooms, flight tickets, car rentals and other travel costs, you can spend more money of activities and experiences in the city. If you are visiting Amsterdam on a budget or simply want to maximise your travel budget, then the shoulder months are the best time to travel to Amsterdam.

The only possible downside is the unpredictable weather, so make sure to make a light rainproof jacket and a coat that will keep you warm.

Off-season in Amsterdam

Many tourists do not thing about visiting Amsterdam during the low season, which runs from November to February – but experiencing the city during winter is a completely different experience. While the weather can often be grey and gloomy, you will have the opportunity to see many of the famous landmarks and attractions without crowds of tourists or having to jostle for personal space. In addition, when it snows, the city is covered in a beautiful blanket of white, which is truly a sight to behold. And in February, when the canals tend to be frozen, you can join the locals in ice skating and gliding over the ice – an experience that you cannot have at any other time of year!

In addition to that, the cost savings can be huge, as flight tickets and hotel prices tend to be at their lowest during the off season. Just make sure to carry warm winter clothes to protect yourself from the weather, and you will be good to go!

It’s clear that regardless of which time you choose to visit Amsterdam, you will have a wonderful and one-of-a-kind experience. The decision is based on your travel budget and tolerance for crowds, as well as the experiences and memories that you are looking to return with from your trip. To have a more detailed chat about the best time to visit Amsterdam or Amsterdam Tour Packages , give us a call or visit our travel experts at your closest SOTC branch, and we can get the ball rolling to turn your Dutch travel dreams into reality!

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