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Tourists and locals know that India is a multi-religious nation. It is the country where all the traditions and customs of every religion is followed. A lot of religions over the years have flourished in harmony. We at SOTC understand the importance of going on a pilgrimage and hence offer a range of religious tours for people of all faiths. No matter whether you want to on Buddhist pilgrimage tours, visit the ‘dargahs,’ visit the Hindu temples or ancient churches, our religious pilgrimage tours packages are here to take care of this aspect. Read More

Religious tourism over the years has gained immense popularity among the devotees. People visit religious destinations to know and experience the spiritual side of the country. Religious tourism in India is more than visiting the holy shrines. Located beautifully on some of the historic locations, they have their story to be told. It offers a perfect heritage sojourn. A plethora of religious destinations in India have strong religious significance and tells a story. Apart from visiting the holy shrines, these spiritual destinations also offer a holistic retreat. SOTC offers various religious tour packages in India that are meticulously designed to make your yatra memorable. Read less
  • Do Dham Value

    Rs.38,900Starting Price
  • Char Dham Cost Saver

    Rs.41,600Starting Price
  • Marvels Of Grand Kashmir

    Rs.42,900Starting Price
  • Holy Uttarakhand Do Dham

    Rs.43,500Starting Price
  • Holy Uttarakhand Char Dham

    Rs.53,000Starting Price
  • Char Dham Value

    Rs.51,700Starting Price


Religious Tours in India

India is home to several holy shrines and religious destinations of different faiths including Sikkism, Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, Buddhism and more. Several religions have their roots in India. You can go through the packages catering to religious tours in India and choose the one that best meets your requirements.

Religious tourism in India offers access to various spiritual places like Vaishno Devi, Kailash Mansarovar, Varanasi, Kedarnath Dharamshala, and so on. Our religious tour packages in India lets you explore and visit the ancient churches, Hindu temples, monasteries and more. If you want, you can even choose a spiritual place of your choice like the famous Golden Temple, Rishikesh, the abode of Lord Shiva – Kailash Mansarovar, Dharamshala – Dalai Lama’s home in exile and so on. SOTC has a wide range of religious tour packages from Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Packages, Chardham tour packages and so on. Choose the one that meets your requirements.

From ancient temples of North, South to various spiritual places on the eastern side, to sacred shrines such as Shirdi in the west of India, we at SOTC cover every spiritual place in India with our large range of religious tour packages in India. Every year a large number of people visit these destinations to seek blessings and offer prayers. With our large range of religious tour packages, you can experience spirituality that has been part of India for years. It is a perfect way to experience peace and solace.

  • Do Dham Cost Saver

    Rs.31,500Starting Price
  • Kailash Mansarovar – Via Lucknow

    Rs.1,65,000Starting Price
  • Holy Char Dham With Helicopter On Sic Basis

    Rs.1,69,500Starting Price
  • Kailash Mansarovar

    Rs.1,73,000Starting Price
  • Do Dham Cost Saver

    Rs.31,500Starting Price
  • Kailash Mansarovar

    Rs.1,73,000Starting Price


Religious Tourism

India is popularly known as the hub of religious tourism. India is home to religious destinations of every faith. Religious tourism destinations attract devotees from all over the world. India has always been considered a land of diverse religions and cultures. People of different faith go on pilgrimage tours to various spiritual destinations to seek blessings and pay homage to the sacred deities. Be it North India, South, Western or Eastern, every part is home to century-old temples, ancient monasteries, beautiful mosques, and exquisite churches. These sites portray not only the bygone time but also the architectural marvel of the country. Every temple or mosque you visit has a story or a legend attached to it. This is what creates curiosity among tourists and devotees. If you are planning for a religious tour with your family, then choosing the right destination matters. So, to make it easy, go through our religious travel packages. SOTC has put together a complete list of top religious destinations in India.

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