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Monsoon Holidays

Colourful umbrellas, puddles of mucky water and not to forget traffic, all this sums up a perfect monsoon. Enjoying a perfectly hot cup of tea sitting by the window is what best describe monsoon. It is also the time when nature comes out in full awe. The green landscapes drape the whole of India. Read More

Did you know ‘Monsoon’ is an Arabic word, and it means ‘Season’?

Well, not many people are aware of this fact. Monsoon is India lasts from June to September. It is time when you will trekkers and nature lovers coming out to experience its magic. Nothing can beat the beauty monsoon in India bring along. It is an experience of a lifetime!

When talking about monsoon gateways, it is the southern part that comes alive, attracting, couples, nature lovers, and adventure seekers to embark on this mesmerizing journey. Well, that doesn’t mean the other parts of India are not beautiful during the monsoon season. SOTC offers just the right range of tour packages that lets you explore the top monsoon destinations. Here is a breakup for every traveller type:

Adventure seekers – You have dense forests, majestic hills, and verdant landscapes, calling you to put on your adventure shoes and experience the beauty of nature. Quench your third for wanderlust by going on trekking. For people who are looking for a short trek should consider Karnala Fort, which is beautifully located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. This fort is famous for Pandu’s Tower Pillar. There is also Lohagard Fort, which is beautifully covered with misty clouds. This ancient structure plays a major role and is enriched with historic relevance. If you are a beginner, then Tikona Fort trek is just right for you. It offers panoramic views of the neighboring forts.

Nature Lovers – There is definitely something magical about the rains that bring out the best in nature. The cool breeze and pitter-patter raindrops make the whole atmosphere magical. It is the best time to witness nature coming alive. Explore the visit Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand where you get to witness nature and wild animals together. There is also Khandala and Lonavala. It is a perfect weekend destination. Enjoy the cascading waterfall near Bhushi Dam, beautiful scenery at Lion Point, Camping at Rajmachi Fort and so on.

Explore and experience the magic of monsoon at these destinations where greenery is in abundance, cascading and glorious waterfall, and so on.

• Lonavala – Maharashtra
• Goa
• Kodaikanal
• Pondicherry
• Munnar
• Shillong
• Coorg
• Karnataka

You must have already decided on the perfect monsoon spot, how about we help you with the next step? Browse through our large range of tour packages that lets you witness and experience the magic of monsoon to the fullest.Read less

Monsoon destinations in india

Kerala Holidays
2N | 3D
Rs. 8,999*
Starting price per adult
Andaman Holidays
4N | 5D
Rs. 41,314*
Starting price per adult
Rajasthan Holidays
1N | 2D
Rs. 1,610*
Starting price per adult
Maharashtra Holidays
2N | 3D
Rs. 8,699*
Starting price per adult
West Bengal Holidays
2N | 3D
Rs. 4,080*
Starting price per adult
Karnataka Holidays
2N | 3D
Rs. 6,399*
Starting price per adult
Goa Holidays
3N | 4D
Rs. 8,299*
Starting price per adult
Orissa Holidays
2N | 3D
Rs. 4,999*
Starting price per adult
Gujarat Holidays
2N | 3D
Rs. 2,999*
Starting price per adult