UAE Tourism Guide

United Arab Emirates shines like an alluring oasis in the Arabian Desert. Once a humble trading post that relied on fishing, UAE today is a thoroughly modern megapolis that still reveres in its traditions and connects with its roots. It literally reaches for the sky with the tallest building in the world. Huge man-made islands, large glittering malls and a splendid architecture, UAE has it all.

All these make UAE an exciting holiday destination that refreshes and pampers you with a combination of culture, adventure and luxury. UAE tourism keeps you coming back for more after every holiday. Your complete UAE experience will be a sum total of multiple United Arab Emirates tours. After all there is more to UAE than just Dubai!

So, if you’re looking to travel to the emirates on your next holiday, read on to find out how you can have the best UAE tour. 

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UAE Tourism Tips

UAE Geography and Climate 

Made up of seven emirates, UAE has three distinct geographical zones. The flat coastal plains, the rolling sand dunes and a rugged mountain range. The sand dunes extend into the desert and eventually lead to the Empty Quarter. At 1,527 metres high, Jabal Yabir is UAE’s tallest natural point.

Since the UAE is located in the Arabian Peninsula’s northern desert belt, it receives scarce and sporadic rainfall. Temperatures can climb as high as 40 °C during the day and the nights can be freezing. It rains in UAE between October to April while May to September is the dry period. The emirates experience strong dust and sand storms known as Shamals.

UAE Culture and Tourism 

Though predominantly an Islamic country, UAE has a beautiful blend of global cultures. People of over 200 nationalities call UAE home. Before oil was discovered, oasis farming, fishing, pearling and trading were the main commercial activities. Now tourism is the big crowd puller. 

For many years Dubai was the face of UAE tourism. But that is changing now as other emirates like Sharjah and Abu Dhabi are catching up fast. From Dubai’s Burj Khalifa to Abu Dhabi’s gorgeous Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Sharjah’s Art Museum, your UAE tour can be a beautiful prism that splits up your holidays into a rainbow of colourful experiences. Culture is a big part of UAE tourism, but is not restricted to it. In UAE even the desert is a playground where your escapades will make for an ultimate adventure holiday.

Your perfect holiday awaits you at UAE. All you need is the perfect Holiday package from SOTC. Book yours today and get ready for a memorable holiday!