Sri Lanka Tourism

Sri Lanka Tourism takes you through a picturesque landscape of pristine beaches, irresistible food, ancient ruins and the warmth of the locals. The history, culture and natural beauty of Sri Lanka is irrefutably alluring.  Situated between the Indian subcontinent and the rest of South East Asia, it’s a place you haven’t been to yet, but most certainly should. An incredible country with more than 2000 years of rich heritage, a Sri Lanka tour would assure you rest your eyes upon legendary temples with boastful details, or bump nose to trunk with majestic elephants heading to their morning waterhole. Encounter water buffalos and leopards in their natural habitat. Who can tell the kind of adventures this beautiful country would take you on!

Sri Lanka Geography

Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka is an island country lying in the Indian Ocean and separated from peninsular India by the Palk Strait. Colombo emerged as the main urban centre during British rule, and remains the executive and judicial capital of Sri Lanka, whereas Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte, a Colombo suburb, is the legislative capital. 

Sri Lanka Climate

The Sri Lankan climate is tropical and mainly consists of very distinctive dry and wet seasons. The average temperature typically ranges from 28 – 32 degree Celsius which may differ from season to season, and also upon which part of the country you’re planning to travel. However, areas around the coast line remain cool due to the serene ocean breezes. It would be ideal to carry a light jacket if you’re visiting the central highlands, where the temperatures can drop to as low as 16 degree Celsius.

The warmest months, according to the mean monthly temperature would be April and August while the coolest months would be December and January. 

Sri Lanka Culture

The people of Sri Lanka hold their cultural traditions and customs in high regard. Due to the influence of Theravada Buddhism, the people have a strong sense of religious traditions and it is important that one respects that. It is mandatory to remove shoes and hats before entering a temple and one must cover their shoulders, arms and legs. Never touch or pat the top of the head of a Buddhist monk. This includes the younger monks as well. It is considered disrespectful to pose and click photographs besides or in front of a Buddha statue. Wearing clothes with Buddha images is also strictly prohibited while on a Sri Lanka tour and may result in arrest or deportation.

Always seek permission before capturing the local people, as a sign of respect. Always carry your official photographic ID with you, but make sure to keep them safe and not in places easily identifiable by pickpockets. 

Sri Lanka Tour

Sri Lanka Tourism is a great place for solo, couple and family vacations. It is a great location for discovery – both of the self and the world. It is the perfect destination for luxury and if you wish to take a break from regularity. 

Not many countries can boast of being the land to as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as Sri Lanka does. Visit the sacred shrine of the world’s oldest living tree in the morning hours and sip on high tea while being mesmerised by the sight of majestic elephants, romping through the sunset.  Take a long walk on the white beaches with your loved one at dawn or meditate alone in a temple contained with more than 2,000 years of history.

Once you’ve covered the tropical climate of the gorgeous coasts and lowlands, make way towards the hills, covered with lush greenery that almost hurts the eyes. Take a trek through the rainforest and make your own path, or jump on the remarkable train ride through the fertile tea plantations. 

For history & monument buffs, visiting the Gal Vihara, a cluster of beautiful Buddhist images mark the high point of the Sinhalese rock carvings. It consists of four separate images, all cut from just one long slab of Granite. Formerly known as one of the greatest structures in the ancient world, the scale of the Abhayagiri Monastery could only be matched by the pyramids of Giza (and nearby Jetavanarama). A glimpse of this brick monument through a gap in the surrounding rainforest is breath-taking. Complete your historical journey by taking a stroll in the ancient Royal Palace Ruins, known as the Quadrangle. 

A Sri Lanka tour is perfect for foodies. Intricate flavours of the local spices are mixed with an incredibly fresh produce and a culinary influence which balances the local with the foreign. Whether it’s the authentic street rice and curry served at a tucked in corner of a busy market, or the unbelievably fresh seafood spread at a beachside fine dine restaurant, each culinary experience will leave you lingering for more. 

For solo and/or budget travellers, Sri Lanka tourism packages offers hotels and restaurants with a budget. We recommend a package trip where all your essentials will be covered, and you’d have time to explore the cities on your own. 


Language Spoken

Sinhala,Tamil and English

Currency used:

Sri Lankan Rupee


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Sri Lanka Tourism Tips

The following are some travel tips, do's and dont's to keep in mind during your Sri Lanka trip.


• Take care of your visa and other paperwork in advance. Sri Lanka does not have Visa on arrival for Indians.

• Bargain with the Tuk-Tuk drivers. Since being a tourist often involves getting over-charged, politely bargain with anyone offering to sell you something.

• Try and go off beaten tracks and explore the hidden gems of the area.

• Speak to the local people for guidance. But remember, always be respectful. 

• Relish every meal. The Sri Lankan cuisine is something you must not miss out on. Politely ask your server to modify the quantity of spices, based on your taste.

• Trust government certified stores only, for local handicrafts.

• Cover your head, legs and shoulders while visiting sacred shrines.


• Don’t take pictures without permission.

• Don’t pose with Buddha statues or turn your back towards them. 

• Avoid drinking tap water.

Sri Lanka is one of the most underrated holiday destinations. But, if you visit it once, you will keep going back for more of the warm hospitality and the stunning natural beauty. SOTC offers a variety of Sri Lanka tour packages that will reveal the island nation’s beauty, one layer at a time.