Places to Visit in Spiti Valley

Sometimes, holiday destinations are highly evocative of the experiences they offer. Spiti Valley is one such destination that paints a beautiful picture of raw and rugged landscapes: snow-capped mountains and wind-swept plains. The images are vivid and the canvas is full of bold colours, earthy browns and azure blues, with just a dash of white from the snow and the clouds.

These seemingly monochromatic landscapes are generously interspersed with bursts of colour from the age-old monasteries, the blues from the lakes and the bright green apple trees laden with the red fruit. Spiti valley is a magical place, a land of mystery and spiritualism that permeates every being of the Valley.

Little prayer flags fluttering in the wind and cherubic children running around in villages; these memories will stay with you for a long time. Such is the magic of this place, that you happily cut away the binds of modernity to embrace the satisfying simplicity of a peaceful existence. There are many fascinating places to visit in Spiti Valley, each offering a unique insight into this colourful culture.

This azure lake offers a beautiful contrast framed against the mountains. This is one of the most beautiful Spiti Valley tourist places -  a photographer’s paradise. It is here, on its serene shores, that you begin to reconnect with yourself in the mighty company of the nature.

This centuries-old monastery houses a beautiful collection of old Buddhist scrolls and murals depicting old stories. Visit here to marvel at these treasures and experience the bliss of contentment held within these hallowed walls.

The Key Monastery is yet another of must-visit places in Spiti Valley. It is a treasure-house of ancient Buddhist manuscripts and murals. You will be transported back in time as you watch the Lamas dance to the accompaniment of musical instruments.

This is one of the five main Buddhist centres of the region. Perched at an altitude of 12,774 feet, it offers beautiful panoramas of the surroundings. Built over a thousand years ago, it houses the statue of Vairochana (Dhayan Buddha). It is one of the highly recommended Spiti Valley tourist places.

This is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Spiti Valley. Here you can catch a glimpse of some rare indigenous flora and fauna. It is a privilege to spot a Snow Leopard or a Tibetan Gazelle in their natural habitat. For this reason alone, it should be on your list of places to visit in Spiti Valley.

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