Malaysia Visa Intro Paragraph 

The caption “Malaysia, Truly Asia” is a caption that has been hooked to our mind. Being a diverse Southeast Asian country is a combination of Malay Peninsula and Borneo island. Kuala Lampur is the capital and also the largest city in the country. The official language is Malay that is widely spoken. The country has been a place that attracts tourist from all over the world. There are many places to visit in Malaysia and uncountable things to do in Malaysia. Are you up for some adventure? Apart from these details, you need to know about Malaysia visa information in depth. 

Types of Malaysia Visa 

It goes without saying that most of the countries in the world requires visa for being visited. There are three Malaysia visa types that one should have depending on the type of visit in order to enter the country. Beside knowing about the visas issued, one must also be aware of Malaysia visa fee. 

Single Entry Visa: This is just like any other country’s tourist visa. If you have decided to visit Malaysia for a short period, this visa is the one that will be issued. This Malaysia visa is valid for a period of three months with a single entry as the name says.

Multiple Entry Visa: It is one of those Malaysia visa types that most people like to be issued. It is valid for a period of twelve months from the date of issuance. One visit is valid for thirty days only.

Transit Visa: Someone who is crossing the country by exiting from the airport needs to get this visa. It is an optional visa because someone flying direct from one place to another without exiting the airport of Malaysia doesn’t require this. 

Documents Required for Malaysia Visa 

We all know that when visa is issued, there are certain documents that one needs to have. There is a list of Malaysia visa documents that one must be ready with so that the Malaysia visa procedure goes smoothly. There are several documents required and being ready with them will only make the process flawless. It is true that you also need to zero down on one of the most budget friendly Malaysia tour packages

Documents for single entry visa: This Malaysia visa requires scanned copies of passport’s first and the last page, last travelled exit stamp (if this applies), scanned copy of your passport size photo of size 3.5*5.5, flight tickets scanned copy, and hotel reservation done in advance. 

Documents for multiple entry visa: Apart from other documents such as passport copy, passport size photo, flight tickets and other basic requirements, one must have proof of sufficient balance in their account that shows their sustainability in Malaysia. They also must have a valid return ticket from the country as a part of Malaysia visa document. 

Documents for transit visa: As this is a visa required only when wishes to exit and have a look around of the country while travelling to a different destination, the documents required are valid passport, confirmed ticket of the onward journey and visa of the country travelling to. 

Malaysia Visa Fee

When there is visa, there is visa linked somewhere. It is not always free like that in some countries. When applying for Malaysia visa, one has to pay a certain amount. First of all, one needs to collect all the required Malaysia visa information so that the process goes flawless. One has to be sure of the purpose of visit so that one can apply for the visa accordingly.

The fee can vary depending on the type of visa one is looking to be issued. It differs from one nationality to another. Depending on the centre of visa, the fee charge may also vary. It is wise to do a thorough research before going to the best visa centre. The fee can be divided in three categories; standard fee, rush surcharge fee and emergency surcharge fee. The exact amount will be testified by the centres where you apply with Malaysia visa documents. 

Malaysia Visa Centres in India 

The visa centres are where you get all the information about your visa including the fee and the documents required. You can also get other additional information. The visa centres are available in Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Similarly, every country will have their specific visa centres in big cities. Those centres are where your Malaysia visa information will be answered. You can also check with them the best time to visit Malaysia so that you do your planning accordingly. When you visit a country in the most favorable time of the year, you get to experience in the best way. You won’t miss out on anything that you may otherwise during off-peak season. 

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