London Tourism

Once upon a time, when the British Empire sought to rule the world, they took home a part of all the places they visited. Today, in the capital of Britain, past and present, east and west, happily coexist together. This is the world’s foremost multi-cultural metropolis that has brought together so many people, traditions and ideas to cement its place as one of the most influential cities in history.

Little wonder then, that London tourism ranks so highly amongst travellers of all ages and kinds. It almost spoils you for choice with the sheer amount is has to offer! The city radiates regality. You get spectacular views, historical landmarks and squares, an architectural blend superior to most of the world, the rivers and canals — and let's not forget the profusion of music, parties and events that happen all year round. You can’t go wrong with London tours, because when you’re there, everything feels so right. There’s just about enough familiarity, with the English language and a colonial past that’s oh-so-familiar. And then there’s everything London has evolved to become in the modern age.

London Geography

Welcome to England’s largest urban area, a densely populated city on the banks of River Thames, in the southeast of the country. As you can imagine, the river has been greatly influential to the growth of London, but the largely flat surrounds or gently rolling hills have allowed for easy development. The city is halved by the river, and on either side lie the sights and sounds that make London tourism ever so popular. The many rivulets, tributaries and canals that emerge from the Thames add to the city’s geography. As does hectares of lushness in the form of 8 royal gardens-turned city parks.

Central London is at the heart of the city, with attractions like Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral. West London exudes an artistic feel, while East London is home to everything from expansive parks to enormous malls. Head to Southwest London for high-end attractions, boutiques and fine-dine delights. While Southeast London has glorious markets and cultural marvels alike. Now that you’ve got your bearings, it’s time to get acclimatised with the unpredictable London weather.


London Climate

The weather can play a big part in planning London tours. The temperate maritime climate it experiences results in warm summers, chilly winters and a chance of rain when you least expect it. Spring is from March to May and the weather can go from sunny to soaking on any given day, so pack accordingly if that’s when you plan to visit. From June to August is London summer, another pleasant time for tourists. Autumn can get rainy, dropping the temperatures significantly. So, an umbrella is a must for London tours between October and December! The wet and cold only heightens by winter, but there’s plenty to keep you cheerful in terms of experiences, if you do decide to brave the weather.

London Culture

One of the reasons for the success of London tourism, is the city’s iconic position in almost every aspect of culture. Monuments by day and glamour by night, acclaimed fine-dining and lip-smacking street flavours, blockbuster movie sets and the next big musician — they all call this wondrous city their home. The eclectic mix of people means over 300 languages are spoken here! Blending in or finding your way around on London tours is quite easy.

You have more than 170 museums, 800 galleries, 300 music venues, 250 festivals, 800 bookshops, countless monuments and parks to soak it all in, to be a Londoner — even if for a short while.

London Tours

London tours are great for families, a group of friends or even a solo adventure. SOTC can tailor-make your itinerary accordingly.

Whether you’re travelling in multiples or by yourself, sightseeing is one of the tours you’re most likely to take. And you should. There are many historic places to visit and you can choose to do so on foot, by bus or on a river cruise.

Football is a passion in England, and you can experience it first-hand on your trip to London. If you’re interested and lucky, you could get tickets to a live game. But there are some great stadium tours of all the major clubs of the city that get you close to the history and legends of the sport.

If you’re looking for culture or ways to keep the kids curious, tour the days away at the many museums London has to offer, including the Natural History Museum or Science Museum. While the British Museum regularly has free events for children!

Once your dates are finalised, SOTC can make the required enquiries about events, festivals or other places you can visit, and craft you a schedule.

Language Spoken

English and Welsh

Currency used:

Pound (GBP)

MAR-AUG 15 to 36oC
SEP-FEB 9 to 5oC

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London Tourism

The following are some travel tips, do's and dont's to keep in mind during your London trip.

Do’s and Dont's


  • Be polite. Say “please” and “thank you” wherever warranted.
  • Stand on the right side of the escalator. You’re on holiday — leave the left side for the ones in a hurry!
  • Do visit a local pub for a truly authentic British experience.


  • Do not be late! Londoners value their time.
  • Do not jump the queue — it won’t sit well with locals.
  • Don’t wear a club’s football jersey in a rival club’s neighbourhood!

London tourism is an explosion of everything you’ve read in your history textbooks, heard in iconic songs and seen in the movies. And then there’s everything else you have yet to discover.

SOTC has a range of London tour packages to make this dream destination a dream experience for you. Pick one today!