Places to visit in Kovalam

Kovalam is anything but your conventional holiday destination. From being India’s first nude beach once upon a time to having the first artificial offshore coral reef, Kovalam sightseeing is a box of surprises. We know that most of you will sigh at the mention of usual tourist destinations. So, we’ve listed out a few places that are off the beaten track and which will make your trip to Kovalam a memorable one. Here are some of the unconventional Kovalam tourist places.

This ancient temple is your getaway into the mythological stories. Vizhinjam temple has rock carvings of the Indian god Shiva and Goddess Parvathy. It also has a remarkable sculpture of Dakshinamurthy. All the carvings and sculptures in the temple date back to the 18th century. The temple is located very close to the Kovalam junction and you can ask the locals for directions. Include this in your list of places to visit in Kovalam to travel to the bygone times.  

You know what’s the most unique thing about this place? It’s not the pier which is a famous tourist spot, it’s the local fishermen who make this spot a must visit place in Kovalam. In monsoons, when the sea is turbulent, and the fishermen can’t take their boats in the sea, they throw the catamarans in the sea and swim after them to catch the fish. This whole act is no less than an adventure stunt and the locals and tourists come to see this daredevil activity. Valiathura Pier is located about 10 km from Kovalam and you will be able to see the whole performance only during monsoons.

Poovar Island is the hidden jewel in Kovalam sightseeing crown where the King Solomon’s ships landed in 1000 BC. This place looks like it is straight out of a fairy tale with the Arabian Sea on the east and majestic ghats on the west. Crimson sunsets coupled with lush green tropical trees make a visit to this island the most soul-enriching experience. If you want to be in Kovalam and at the same time escape the crowds, then a retreat to this island is your solution. You can also stay at the luxurious Poovar island resort amidst the beautiful coconut and palm trees.  

What’s better than one magical destination? 2 magical destinations! Located at a stone’s throw away distance, Thiruvananthapuram (which houses the legacy of Travancore empire) is your double treat. As the two places are located so close to each other, plan your trip to Kovalam in such a way that you can explore both Thiruvananthapuram and Kovalam.

If you want to discover the rich heritage of Kovalam then a visit to Napier Art Museum is a must. Named after Lord Napier, the museum exhibits ivory carvings and traditional ornaments. You can also explore the zoological garden on the museum’s premises. If the artsy side in you wakes up after visiting the Napier Art Museum, then head to the Shri Chitra Art Gallery to get an extra dose of Kovalam’s heritage and culture. Head to this museum, which is located in the vicinity, to explore the artwork from the Mughal and Rajput empires.

The Bar is the best place to grab a drink in Kovalam because of the stellar sea view and unique cocktails that are crafted from premium and rare spirits. The fusion of traditional and lounge music, coupled with a live kitchen that serves international entrees, makes this bar one of the fun places to visit in Kovalam. Located inside The Leela Kempinski this bar will serve you the town’s best drinks, music, and some vitamin sea. Though it’s not one of the Kovalam tourist places, you can spend some quality time with your family and friends. 

Don’t mistake Kovalam for being just a hippie place. All the luxurious resorts here will introduce you to a lavish side of Kovalam. The Leela is your getaway to the style and elegance. With a coffee shop by the infinity pool and a sky bar that offers the best view of the sunset and the Hawah beach, The Leela experience is the epitome of luxury. Niraamaya Retreats is your place to be if you can shell some big bucks for a quaint bungalow in the middle of lush greenery. Relish the incredible Kerala cuisine, along with some unknown facts about the spices and the local recipes. Does that sound confusing? Well, after the meal is served the chefs personally come and elaborate on the nuances of various spices and herbs used in your food. The Green Cove Resort by Vivanta will enthral you with the scenic Malabar coast sprawling over 10 acres with over 59 hillside cottages.

The list of places to visit in Kovalam is never-ending as every corner of this town is worth exploring. If you want to plan your Kovalam trip in a way so that you make the most of your visit to Kovalam, then heading to your nearest SOTC branch is your best option. 

Does a coral reef around the seashore sound like a regular thing? What if we tell you that the coral reef is off-shore and it’s a man-made one? Yes, that’s right! The coral reef on the lighthouse beach is an artificial one and is built to protect the flora and fauna and to reduce the erosion level on the shore. Surfing is allowed as the reef is built in such a way that it doesn’t harm any living organisms under water. So, next time you are in Kovalam, don’t forget to check out this man-made wonder.  

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