Jodhpur Tourism

The erstwhile capital of the Marwar Kingdom is now one of Rajasthan’s most visited regal cities. Jodhpur sits high on most itineraries for its amazing forts, palaces and temples as well as desert escapades and thrills. Its convenient central location only enhances its popularity amongst tourists from all over the world. Jodhpur tourism is a wonderful mix of leisure and pleasure, cultural contrast and surreally beautiful landscapes. Also known as the Blue City or Sun City, this charming town will capture your imagination and serve as the perfect conduit between past and present.

The old city encircles the fabled fort, surrounded by protective walls. But as the second largest metropolitan of Rajasthan, Jodhpur has continued to see urban expansion far beyond. It has always been an important city in a historical context, being a strong Rajput Kingdom, a Mughal ally and a peaceful princely state under the British Raj. Having flourished under different regimes means it has largely been a prosperous and happy land. And you can see that atmosphere even today, when you take your Jodhpur tour.

Quick Overview

Jodhpur Tourism Information
Official Language Hindi (Regional - Marwari,Rajasthani, Sindhi and English)
Also Known as Blue city and Sun city
Currency Indian Rupee (INR)
Time Zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Area 22,850 square kilometers
Best Known for Forts, Temple, leather and dye sarees
State Rajasthan
Population 1.8056 Million (as per 2018)
Dial Code 02931

Geography of Jodhpur

Jodhpur is divided into three geographies — alluvial plains, plateaus and sand dunes. It is one of the largest districts in all of Rajasthan, with the desert falling in the north-west zone and the south-east being the more fertile. The major river of the region is the Luni and the main city does have lakes. Bordering it is Nagpur in the east, Jaisalmer in the west, Bikaner at the north and Pali in the south. This strategic location makes it worthwhile to include a Jodhpur tour as part of your visit to Rajasthan, for you can easily explore nearby destinations as well.

Jodhpur Climate 

Being as it is in the desert, Jodhpur experiences extreme climatic conditions through the year. Summers get blistering hot, between the months of March to June, and temperatures could rise up to fifty degrees! This isn’t the most popular time for tourists, but you could still make a summer tour if you don’t mind the sun. June onwards, monsoon hits the city and can bring with it quite heavy rainfall. Winters, meanwhile are the best season in the city just like with the rest of Rajasthan. Days and cool and the nights are cold but with enough layers, you’ll be cosy all the time.

Tip: Jodhpur is prone to sandstorms so do carry sunglasses and stay indoors if one hits.

Jodhpur Culture

Jodhpur has a wonderful cultural mix right from the lavish maharaja lifestyle to the gypsy traditions of nomadic desert communities. From its monuments to its moments, Jodhpur tourism will reveal all of the interesting facets of this blended heritage. But its influence has spread far beyond city boundaries. Jodhpuri sweet shops and authentic regional clothing and footwear are hugely popular all over the country. The town has featured in stories and movies both Indian and international, countless times. There are plenty of places of recreation alongside all of the popular sightseeing ones and a multitude of festivals too! You could choose to attend one of them if you so wish and it will be included into your itinerary. What’s most alluring about Jodhpur is that it’s got something for everyone — honeymooners, young families, couples, pilgrims or even friends looking for a bit of adventure. With the right package, you get exactly the dream holiday you’ve been waiting for.

Jodhpur Tours

Make your Jodhpur tour as exciting or relaxing as you’d like it to be.

Witnessing its architectural marvels is unmissable, from the exquisite Umaid Bhavan Palace to the iconic Mehrangarh Fort — and for the glimpse of royal history they offer. While other sightseeing favourites like Jaswant Thada, Mandore Gardens Masuria Hills are just as thrilling for their own unique reasons.

Apart from the rustic side, there’s also a modern side to Jodhpur, with tall buildings and big malls, lounges and parks as well as some urban accommodation if that’s more your taste.

Shopping excursions should also feature highly on your tour, with all items under the sun found in Jodhpur markets. Jewellery, antiques, traditional clothing or accessories and plenty of delicious spices and handicraft items, take your pick.

Tip: The Clock Tower Market is one such popular market that you could visit — don’t forget to check out the iconic clock itself while you’re there!

Attending festivals of Jodhpur is another much-loved tourist activity. If you and your travel companions are interested, the Marwar Festival, International Desert Kite Festival and Nagaur Fair are the ones to consider.

Exploring desert regions and activities is a big part of Jodhpur tourism. Arrangements will be made to take you to the outskirts of the town, into the dune villages where you can enjoy camel rides, dune surfing and more.

It’s got all the makings of the perfect holiday.

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APR-JUN 20-25oC

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Jodhpur Tourism

The following are some travel tips, dos and don’ts to keep in mind for your Jodhpur trip.

Do’s & Don’ts in Jodhpur


· Make on-ground enquiries only at designated tourist information areas

· Always take pre-paid taxis for the best deals

· Walk around the sanctum of temples in the clockwise direction, as is tradition

· Purchase all handicrafts from genuine emporiums


· Hire any unregistered tour guides

· Leave without sampling a Rajasthani thali

· Inattentively cross busy streets

Jodhpur tourism packages  will pamper you with its warm hospitality. Select your holiday from SOTC and get ready to experience the Blue City like never before.