Best Time to Visit Indonesia

Weather Conditions in Indonesia


Best time to visit Indonesia

Indonesia’s location near the equator ensures that it stays warm throughout the year. Nevertheless, it also faces quite a bit of rainfall and typhoons are also known to hit the archipelago. So what is the best time to visit Indonesia? As a popular holiday destination that is flocked by tourists almost all the time, people often wonder about the best time to travel to Indonesia. Having an idea of the kind of clothes and accessories to pack is always a good idea before you travel. Although most people prefer to bring light cotton clothes along, rain coats and umbrellas are not what you’d pack for a vacation in Indonesia.

Seasons in Indonesia

Typically, the weather in Indonesia can be split into wet and dry seasons. The wet season is usually between October and April while the dry season is from May to September. The dry season is when most tourists decide to visit Indonesia. If you’re looking for clear sunny skies and uninterrupted fun at the beach, then this could possibly be the best season to go to Indonesia. However, do bear in mind that there are downsides to this warm and wonderful weather as well.

Crowded beaches are the norm at this time and everything costs more, right from flights to hotel bookings. Even the shopping you do at this time is affected by the ‘high’ season for tourists and will obviously have inflated prices. If this doesn’t make any difference, as it doesn’t to a large number of people, then this could possibly be the best time to visit Indonesia. At the same time, be prepared for long waiting lines at restaurants and bars, and do remember that it won’t quite be the tranquil vacation you had imagined.

During the wet season, the temperatures are still high, and this is accompanied by heavy downpours. But these downpours don’t last for more than a couple of hours. So this could actually be the best time to go to Indonesia because people often assume that the wet season would be a terrible time to visit.

Naturally, the crowds are less in number and the hotels offer discounts as well. However, it all depends on where you intend to travel in Indonesia. If you’re planning to explore the interiors, then muddy roads could present a problem especially in the areas that are off the beaten track. Also, the seas can also be rough during the wet season and smaller boats may not be able to navigate through. If you’re planning to climb the volcanoes like Mount Bromo or Mount Rinjani, then this is best undertaken during the dry season. Decide what you want to do and choose wisely about what would be the best time to visit Indonesia for you.

Regional climate of Indonesia

There are exceptions to the dry and wet climate such as Sumatra, where it rains from October to January or Sulawesi where rainfall strikes in the months of June and July. In fact, in some regions like Bali and Kalimantan, the difference between dry and wet season is hardly that evident. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to see what some of the popular regions are like with respect to climate so you can decide which is the best time to go to Indonesia.


Bali’s dry season is from April to September and there are sunny days ahead during this time. However, it is often said that the best time to visit would be during the months of May, June and September. This is because the number of tourists at this time of the year are low and thus places like Jimbaran and Seminyak are not crowded.


Sumatra is split by the equator and so weather conditions here are different. North Sumatra has a more tropical climate with possibility of rain throughout the year, especially in the forested areas like Bukit Lawang, while the South has a more defined wet and dry season.


Sulawesi has a unique shape which affects the weather conditions as well. The coast can get rather hot while the hills can be relatively cool and places like Manado can experience rainfall throughout the year.

Nusa Tenggara

This includes Lombok, Flores, Sumba and Komodo National Park where the dry season is between April and September. People who visit at this time are treated to blue skies and warm sunshine and it’s perfect for climbing Mount Rinjani.


As Kalimantan is a large island, there are variations in climate across the island. There are two rainy seasons here – light rains from March to May and heavy rains from November to January. If you want to see Orangutans in the Tanjung Puting National Park, then you’ll be out of luck during the rainy season when they are more elusive to spot.

West Papua

Climate is not really a concern in West Papua because conditions are ideal to visit throughout the year. It’s perfect if you’re thinking of a tropical vacation because you can visit any time you like.

People often find it difficult to agree on the best time to visit Indonesia. Irrespective of the weather, tourists turn up here, hoping to escape their daily lives and worries and have some fun. If you don’t want that fun to be affected adversely, do look up the climate and weather of Indonesia before you book your tickets. It’s always better to be prepared mentally and of course, to make sure you bring the right sort of clothing. The SOTC website has some great offers and deals on Indonesia Tour Packages that will make your vacation all the more exciting.

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