Food in Hungary

Hungary is known for many things, including being home to some of the best thermal springs and baths in the world, the largest lake in central Europe and some of the most iconic architecture in the world. What many people don’t know, however, is that Hungarian food is truly a delicious, must-try experience as well.

What to eat

Hungarian food is rooted in meats, seasonal vegetables and fruits, fresh bread (with every meal), dairy and cheese. Each of the ingredients hold strong significance in the culinary culture of the country. Fresh bread is an essential part of every meal and is often served a side dish with main courses, while dairy and cheese play a significant part in Hungarian cuisine.

Popular Hungarian food to try on your trip includes Lángos (fried dough served with sour cream and cheese), Goulash (deliciously spicy Hungarian soup with meat and potatoes), Palacsinta (the Hungarian version of crepes) and Gesztenyepüré (a chestnut puree served with sugar, rum and whipped cream – one of the best deserts in the land!).

Where to eat

Hungary is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Popular Hungarian restaurants include Costes in Budapest, Anyukám Mondta in Encs, Onyx in Budapest and Sauska48 in Villany. These are some of the very best restaurants in Hungary so make sure to book a table well in advance. Most major cities also have many mid-priced Hungarian restaurants serving up authentic fare; asking a local is the best way to find these. If you’re looking for budget-friendly friendly options, Hungary has many food markets such as Great Market Hall, Utca Food Market and Fény Street Market, which serve up some of the best food in Hungary.

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