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What can be a better way to know a country than taking part in its festivals and fairs? Festivals in Germany are plenty. You can say it is a perfect way to immerse yourself in the fun-loving and warming culture of this place. While you are here in Germany, you should definitely be a part of Oktoberfest which is held in Munich. This two-week festival witnesses tourists from all over. The huge crowd takes part in eating, drinking, and merriment on the Wies’n. There is also DFB Pokal which is a knockout tournament for Germany’s 64 qualified football teams. Also, there is Karneval, which is celebrated all over the world from New Orleans to Rio de Janeiro. Another famous festival here is Asparagus and Onionfest. These are the two famous harvest festivals in Germany.

The Berlin Film Festival is a definite must-see when a German festival is on your list. You don’t need an invite to go there and, barring the fact that it is the world’s second largest international film festival, its selection of films to view are a showcase of the best examples of European and international film. And it’s a lot less red carpet and a lot more Birkenstock!

With an atmosphere that can get teetotallers high, this is a German festival you can’t miss. You haven’t lived till you’ve been herded in a tent with some of the world’s finest beer, Bavarian food and men in grass skirts (leiderhosen) and noisy bands! And did you know that the grass skirts are actually named Wiesn (grasslands) because the first Oktoberfest was held in a field. Tip: Large groups, meaning a group of ten and above, can book a table for free. Also, come in the afternoon to enjoy it with fewer crowds.

Three days, two rock festivals at different locations! You’ll find these undiluted rock festivals in two places and it’s possible to divide your time between both. The Rock im Park is held at Zeppelinfeld and the Rock am Ring at the Nurburg racing track. Don’t dismiss this German festival in a hurry, this is one of the biggest rock festivals in the world and you’re bound to find its sheer atmosphere infectious.

Take your Kindle loving self and your children to a world you grew up in – a world full of books. From first hand to second hand to rare to fiction to non-fiction to graphic novels, this Europe’s largest literature fest is a German festival that will keep you as updated in the world of books as you are in the world of apps.

Ever wondered what drowning in the Christmas spirit would be like? We’ll tell you. Come here for Christmas, and spend it as a German festival with cheerful, bustling markets in Hamburg, Nuremburg, Cologne and Stuttgart. These come alive with shops for warm mulled wine, food and seasonal souvenirs that are mostly handmade and handcrafted. Tip: don’t miss the cheese, schnitzel, Christmas decorations and chocolates.

If you are a fan of classical music, put this German festival on your list. A showing of this 19th-century composer, this festival takes you on a journey of his four operas or the Ring Cycle. You’ll have to alert your agent much before time as these tickets are always and mostly booked. It’s expensive but the Der Ring des Nibelungen begs to be seen as both, an education and experience.

This very unusual festival is one of the biggest events in Germany and is a tribute to Germany’s rich past. Held in the town of Selb, a trip here for this will show you a rare display of mock battles, predatory birds and archery. But the most interesting thing is that it’s Europe’s largest medieval music festival and includes both authentic and modern interpretations for you to get lost in. Pick a tent you like, sit down and absorb the madness and the beauty.

The German version of the Mardi Gras begins punctually, just like all of Germany, at 11. 11 on the 11th November. This festival takes place before Ash Wednesday and while street parades and parties are great fun, you can also witness how just by cutting off his tie, a woman can kiss any man she likes! A real bunch of photo ops and great fun for everyone.

Held in Dixieland, this festival recreates the lost magic of jazz in New Orleans, in Germany. Find your own version of Cole Porter and Satchmo here as the music plays on the river Elbe instead of Mississippi. Performances are held in the old town instead of New Orleans and this is one of the most interesting events in Germany,so do try and make it for this one.

Every year, in Würzburg, a festival takes place that is a celebration of African culture. Held on four stages, there are African artists of all sorts – singers, dancers, musicians – and thousands flock here for this extravaganza. Do ask your agent for a list of performances and then decide whether you want to attend this.

Everyone who knows anything about Germany knows that they are a nation obsessed with football. Come to Berlin to watch and participate in the madness as 64 of Germany’s top football teams fight for the cup in an Olympic sized stadium. It’s America’s Superbowl with better beer and hot dogs.

The Wurstmarkt is the biggest wine festival in the entire world and draws in crowds of over 500,000 people every year. Wurst means sausage in Germany and this festival is where you lose your diet and gain an educated wine, cheese and meat palate. There are 36 wineries to celebrate in, and the must-haves and must-buys include a good Gewurztraminer, Pinot and a Riesling. This festival takes place in Bad Durkheim. And its locals say there are only two seasons in this town – the one before the Wurstmarkt and the one after.

For more information on Germany’s many other festivals and events, call an SOTC travel agent today. Tickets, planning, great deals and steals come guaranteed with your Germany travel package.

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