Canada Tourism

The world’s second largest country could easily be its most beautiful. Canada is an expansive North American country that’s spectacular in nature and vibrant in urban culture. Its cities are some of the world’s best centres for everything from education to livelihood to quality of life. While stunning natural landscapes are never too far away, even from the biggest of towns.

The capital city Ottawa along with Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are the bustling metropolises and home to most of the country’s multi-ethnic population. But majority of the land is pristine nature, be it woodlands, national parks, glacial lakes or the tundra. This combination makes Canada tourism really popular, with a multitude of experiences to suit every purpose. You could just as easily visit with family, friends or on a romantic getaway for two. But before you decide which of the Canada tours to sign up for, read on to discover more about this amazing destination.

Quick Overview

Canada Tourism Information
Official Language English And French
Also Known as Kanata
Currency Canadian dollar (CAD)
Time Zone (GMT-5) (EST)
Area 984,670 Square Kilometer
Best known for Ice Hockey, Wildlife and Maple Syrup
Things To Do Witnessing The Niagara Falls, Northern Lights In Yukon And Soaking In Cinematic Quebec
Places To Visit Montreal, Quebec City, Banff National Park, Ottawa And Toronto

Language Spoken


Currency used:

Canadian Dollars

JUN-AUG 20-25oC
DEC-FEB 10-15oC

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Canada Tourism

Geography of Canada

As the biggest country of North America, Canada is geographically vast and varied. It stretches all the way from the Pacific to the Atlantic, sharing the longest land border in the world with USA. The Arctic Ocean lies to the north, and 11 of the 13 provinces and territories share a border with one of these three oceans. In fact, Canada has the longest coastline in the world. Meanwhile the Canadian Arctic is essentially ice and permafrost, a bio-region in itself. Other important geographical features comprise eight different forests, the world’s largest lakes and fresh water sources and magnificent mountains, including active and dormant volcanoes. Canada tours are all about exploring this assortment of topographies and biomes, as they each have something pristine and breath-taking about them.

Canada Climate

As its size would suggest, Canada has differing climatic conditions across the country and through the year. While the country on the whole experiences four distinct seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter – there are many microclimates based on topography to account for as well. Many parts of the country experience harsh winters, while some regions are snow-covered all year long. The coastal areas remain more temperate, but winters can get rainy. Spring and autumn paint Canada in hues of green and brown respectively, and generally offer great weather for tourism. Summers, meanwhile, are warm and open up a host of activities for visitors – although you will have to beat the crowds so book early!

Canadian Culture

Canadians are a friendly bunch, known for being polite and welcoming to one and all. But who really are they? This land has been inhabited for millennia, from indigenous communities to early British and French settlers to a post-colonised integrated society of people from various backgrounds, that are all considered equally Canadian. The country’s politics are famed for being honest and transparent, echoing the values and beliefs engrained in the community.

Canada tourism is as much a cultural exploration as it is a wilderness adventure. There’s native civilisation, North American heritage, Francophone traditions and minority ethnic customs to experience across cities and territories. From music to monuments and architecture to humour, you can see the diversity and progressive attitude that gives Canada its unique cultural identity, wherever you go. As one of the cold countries of the world, sports and winter sports specifically, are a big part of life. From ice hockey to soccer to the Winter Olympics, Canada has played host to all kinds of athletic enterprises.

The world has slowly begun to recognise Canada for what it truly is. And a country once existing in America’s shadow, is now considered a wondrous land that’s not only blessed with bountiful nature, but also a wonderfully modern society that’s genuine and humble, cities that boast the coolest urban atmospheres and unique experiences that can be had nowhere else in the world.

Canada Tours

The best Canada tours take you to the most beautiful, vibrant and accessible parts of this immense country and can be enjoyed by families, group tours or special couples’ packages.

The intrepid can look forward to an array of adventures – hiking the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland and Labrador, white water rafting in Ottawa, venturing into the Arctic Circle in Auyuittuq National Park or kayaking with beluga whales in Manitoba. And if you’re more of a city bird, there’s one of the highest ever skywalks, the CN Tower Edgewalk in Toronto as well as the Zip Line in Calgary that’s said to be the world’s fastest!

Canada is home to some of the most spectacular wildlife and gives you many opportunities to get up-close or simply even witness some of the more elusive species. Go from seeing polar bears in Churchill to spotting narwhals in the Canadian Arctic, from bear watching in British Columbia to witnessing orcas in action at Vancouver Island. And there’s still plenty more such experiences in store.


Quebec, Vancouver, Whistler, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal are the popular urban Canada tourism destinations that are likely to feature on your itinerary.


The following are some travel tips, do's and dont's to keep in mind during your Canada trip. 


· Pack weather-appropriately

· Carry a converter for your electronics

· Remember to tip at restaurants and cafes

· Respect the natural environment and wildlife


· Do not drink alcohol in public

· Do not disrespect the Canadian flag or national symbols in any way!

· Don’t forget to note taxi details before getting into one

· Don’t fall for street sellers offering you a ‘great deal’ on souvenirs or any other items

For more details on Canada tourism, just ask SOTC. You’ll also get information on all the best Canada tour packages  to take you on this unparalleled adventure.