Andaman And Nicobar Islands Travel Guide

How amazing is it that you’ve finally decided on a wondrous escapade to the Andaman Islands! You can soon witness white sand beaches, colourful corals, thriving marine life, tropical forests and so much more. But before you embark on this memorable adventure, take a look at this step-by-step guide to getting all your travel needs and arrangements in order. 

Since you are visiting a pristine environment in the heart of nature, you will need to prepare and pack accordingly. And despite the Andaman Islands being a part of India, certain local cultural norms must be respected. These travel tips put together by the experts at SOTC, are to help you take care of all these requirements and necessities.  


Two Weeks Prior

Let’s begin with some of the probable questions you may have before taking this trip to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.


What are the important documents required for this journey? 

Since this isn’t an international journey, you do not need a passport or visa documentation for Indian nationals. 

But you will still need:

  • Photo ID proof like driver’s license or Pan Card for airport entry and hotel check-in
  • Tickets in print and soft copy 

What should you pack? 

  • Light beach wear or warm weather clothes 
  • Comfortable hiking or walking shoes and rubber sandals
  • Swimmer’s ear medicine 
  • Reading material
  • Sunglasses, sun block and bug spray 

What is the maximum luggage allowed by airlines? 

For domestic flights, your luggage should generally weigh not more than:

  • 7 kgs for hand luggage 
  • 15 kgs for check-in bags

However, various carriers could have different baggage allowance rules so it’s best you check on their website to be sure. 


Two To Three Days Before The Trip


Foreign Currency

You do not need any foreign exchange as the Indian Rupee is the local currency. 

Power Banks and Adapters

Most plugs should work in the available sockets around the Andaman Islands, but it is always better to carry an adapter just in case. Even though there is electricity across the islands, it is still advisable to carry a power bank to charge your electronics in an emergency or while on the move. 


  • Toothbrush & toothpaste, preferably your own for hygiene purposes
  • Sunscreen & moisturiser for skin protection from the coastal sun
  • Shampoo & conditioner that suit your hair type
  • Your personal hair comb or brush 
  • Face and body wash that suit your skin
  • Hand sanitiser to stay protected from any germs you may be exposed to


  • Light, breezy summer clothes and resort wear 
  • Swimsuits, sarongs and shorts for the beach or poolside
  • Comfy hiking shoes as well as sandals or flip flops
  • A hat or cap for daytime use
  • Rain-proof jacket


Make a compact travel first-aid kit with the following:

  • Pain killers
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Safety pins
  • Crepe bandage
  • Skin cream
  • Cough & cold medicines
  • Allergy medication 


The Day Of Travel



If you wish to carry some light snacks or ready-to-eat stuff for the flight, you may do so. Not everyone has the appetite for airline food, so homemade is always a healthier and safer option.

Important Documents 

Valid photo ID proof to enter the airport and check into the hotel

A printed copy of your tickets

Photocopies of important documents including travel, sightseeing arrangements, bookings etc.

Scanned soft copies of all the above documents that can always be accessible


Travel insurance is key when it comes to staying protected in the case of unwanted circumstances interrupting or cutting short your trip, once the bookings have been made. It allows you to recover some of your money as well as provides medical assistance and cover during the journey. Choose any of the top travel insurance companies or ask SOTC for assistance.

Important Numbers

Always keep handy the telephone numbers for the local Consulate, police and other emergency services as well as travel agents you have consulted.

Hotel Bookings 

Confirm your hotel bookings and insist on a receipt before you leave for your destination. Check if your hotel provides pick-up and drop-off services or ask SOTC to organise it as part of your package.

Cash / Card 

Credit and debit cards are used across the islands, though it is always good to carry some amount of cash when you’re out and about. Cards can be used to withdraw money at any available ATM.  


During The Trip

With tourism the main local industry, English and Hindi are widely spoken across the Andaman Islands, while Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam are prominent too. You should have no trouble in communicating or getting around during your stay.  


Tips For Travelling In Andaman Islands

An island destination is the very definition of nature meets adventure, so prep yourself accordingly. 


Getting Around

  • The accessible parts of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands are the South, North and Middle Andaman. Connecting these land masses is a ferry system as well road bridges. 
  • You can get motorbikes on hire as well as bicycles, at about 400-500 INR per day. Or hire a private car with local driver for different rates as per your route. 
  • Local transport includes busses and ferries, which offer great and cheap connectivity but could require a wait or delays along the way. 

Food Culture

  • You’ll find a multitude of cuisines served across the islands, including all the ones popular on the mainland. With Bengali and South Indian influences running high, you can expect such preparations to be commonly found. 
  • Other than abundant fresh seafood, rice, coconut and fruits like banana, pineapple and mango are considered staples. 
  • Try visiting some of these well-known restaurants while you’re there — Anju Coco, Fat Martin, Full Moon Cafe, Café Rebel. 
  • Average food costs for two, per day, are around 1200-1800 INR, but can be much lesser if budget options are sought. 

Lodging Options

  • The Andaman Islands are a tourist haven, full of accommodation across the budget range. 
  • There are luxury hotels, premium or budget stays, private and government lodges too. 
  • A reasonable hotel room at a premium accommodation would average around 1500-2500 INR a night, though there are plenty of cheaper and more exclusive options available. 


Social Etiquette

  • A blend of cultures characterises the stunning islands, with a population that includes indigenous tribes, migrants from world countries and many descendants from the Indian mainland. 
  • Overall, locals are all too happy to welcome tourists, but it is required to respect the local environment when visiting. Garbage must be thrown out responsibly and the natural ecosystems must not be disturbed. 
  • One of the most important rules is to never enter restricted or tribal areas in and around the islands. 

When to visit

  • The Islands see typical tropical climate through the year, with temperatures roughly between 18-28 degrees, depending on the season. 
  • This makes it a wonderful 365-day destination, although you could have a preference, with the summers being hotter and busier, the winters mild with perfect diving conditions and monsoons that are heavy and inconvenient. 
  • So the best time to visit depends on the itinerary and season preference, but there are always some exciting adventures to be had no matter when you go. 
  • Between December to March is the best time for marine life spotting and diving. 
  • October to December and March to mid-May sees prices and crowds drop for shoulder season. 
  • February till April sees the best waves to enjoy water sports and activities like surfing or parasailing. 


Unmissable Experiences:

  • Scuba diving, snorkelling, sea walks and other underwater escapades are the highlight experiences offered by the Andaman Islands, with the most famous sites being Havelock & Neil Islands. 
  • Witness unique sights and places like the active volcano on Barren Island, mangrove kayaking at Mayabunder or the limestone caves at Baratang Island. 
  • Explore pure nature with jungle treks and hikes around Mount Harriet National Park, up Saddle Peak, through thickets to Elephant Beach, or go bird watching at Chidiya Tapu. 

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