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If there’s a God of visual sceneries, then Alleppey is his home. With a labyrinth of canals and an unending network of backwaters, this place lives by its name – The Venice of the East. Leaning coconut trees on the backwaters greeting you happily and houses, and temples giving company to canals and beaches, a visit to Alleppey will tell you how nature and people co-exist in harmony. Head to this tropical bliss and get smitten by India’s own Venice.

There’s something about sunsets that gives us a hope of a better tomorrow. The spectacular view of the setting sun never fails to bring back anyone at the moment from their wandering thoughts. Watching the sun set at a beach is not your ordinary sunset view. The setting sun creates a bridge of light with orange and yellow hues. The sparkling water and the sound of waves hitting the rock at Marari beach is all your mind needs to calm down. This beach is located about 11 km away from Alleppey in the quaint town of Mararikulam and is one of the best places to see in Alleppey.

Some monuments aren’t built for you to just look at them but to listen to them. Alleppey’s lighthouse is one such structure that tells the story of a bygone era. Along with watching the sunset, you can step into the lighthouse keeper’s shoes and experience how it feels to spend the time with the sea while waiting for the ships. This lighthouse is undoubtedly the most famous Alleppey sightseeing place.

People of Kerala believe in celebrating everything that is a part of their daily life. One such festival that takes place to celebrate their companions in the backwaters, their boats, is the snake boast festival. The festival hosts a snake boat race that is exhilarating and magnetic to watch. The rowers wield the oars in a tandem that keeps your gaze fixated on the race.

In Malayalam, it is called Vallam Kali and is one of the most popular sports to watch when in Alleppey. The race takes place with such grandeur and opulence that it almost feels like a festive celebration. Snake boat races are conducted in the monsoon season. So, if you are planning a monsoon escapade to Kerala, you must not miss out on this one of a kind Alleppey sightseeing experience.

Alleppey sightseeing extends beyond Alleppey. After crossing the 30 km milestone, the shores of Andhakaranazhi beach will invite you with open arms. Known as the ‘lagoon of darkness’, the view here is worth the ride out of town. It’s a celebration when the most wonderful things come together! Andhakaranazhi is a place where the romance between the backwaters and the sea adorns this spot with an unparalleled view. If you are exploring exclusive things to see in Alleppey, then Andhakaranazhi is your spot.  

Alleppey is synonymous with beauty. A visit to Alleppey might give you a glimpse of what it is like to feel heavenly at a beautiful place. To see the rivers, travellers go to the mountains and for the ocean views, beaches are your destination. But where do you go to see backwaters, beaches, canals and lagoons, all at one place?

That’s right, look no further than Alleppey! The best experience in Alleppey sightseeing for you will be witnessing different water bodies merging with each other – the backwaters with the sea. To know what it is like to be surrounded by everything that astonishes you, make sure you head to Alleppey while on Kerala trip. When there is more than one option it is easy to get distracted. You will get innumerable options for places to see in Alleppey.

If you don’t want to end up with an itinerary that is lukewarm on your wanderlust palate, then you must head to SOTC to start prepping for your trip. SOTC travel experts will gauge your travel preferences and will curate an itinerary accordingly. From travelling to accommodation and sightseeing, SOTC will take care of everything. A soul enriching Alleppey trip will fill you with a new zest for life. Head to Alleppey and come back with that relaxing glow! 


Canals merging into each other. Coconut trees soaring right up into the sky as they groove to the silent melodies of the wind. Paddy fields for as far as you can see. Experience this and beyond by staying in a house boat in the gorgeous town of Alappuzha. Disconnect from the outer world and connect to your loved ones and yourself to the fullest. When on a house boat cruise in Alappuzha, don’t forget to the relish the state famed bowl of rice traditionally known as Kuttanadu. Enliven your trip to Kerala by visiting Alappuzha around the second Saturday of August for the state celebrates the Nehru Trophy Boat Race that features enormous snake boats of Kerala! 

A Shikara is a small covered boat that is decorated with various shades and hues. If you don’t want to get too close to the backwaters in canoes and don’t want to be too far from them on huge houseboats, then a shikara ride is your best option.

Sip your steaming hot cuppa and let the beautiful view and smoky flavours of coffee sink in. Tune out the noise and tune in to the sounds of nature – chirping birds and waves of the backwaters. Head to backwater resort at Finishing point road where colourful shikara’s take you on a ride, to watch the beautiful sunset. Alleppey sightseeing is indeed incomplete without this heavenly experience.

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