UK Visa Requirements

As you plan your UK tour package, take into consideration how long you intend to visit. This would allow you the permit to visit and stay in the United Kingdom for a certain amount of days. In most of the cases, UK visa is valid for 6 months and therefore you can visit the United Kingdom within that period. However, you can also get long term visas which are normally provided to frequent travellers.

It is important that you find out more about the United Kingdom visa requirements in advance and apply for the visa 3 months prior to your visit to the UK. This will allow you to be on the safe side and ensure that the process is done in time.

While submitting your documents, note that you can only do so once and cannot add new papers without the embassy asking for the same. It is best to cross check before submission. Once you submit your forms to the visa processing centre, you will be required to go for a personal interview as well. Make sure you carry all the required documents on the day of the interview as well.

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