Currency in Phuket

It is recommended that you exchange your currency before you travel to Phuket. The currency in Phuket is Thai Baht and the same currency is used throughout Thailand. This is the only currency you will be using when you are in Phuket and therefore make sure that you exchange it before you enter Phuket. It is always recommended that you exchange your home currency to United States Dollars or Euros in your home country and then exchanging the USD when you head for Phuket trip.

Some hotels and resorts may accept debit cards and international credit cards but make sure that you confirm with the hotel before you enter Phuket. You must always have some money in Baht which would help you to buy food, drinks and water sports activities in Phuket. Using globally accepted credit cards will be charged with service fee by Thai banks and therefore you need to be prepared for the additional charges to your card.

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