China Tourism Packages

While China was not really into tourism early on, but in the past few years, the tourism in China has grown many folds. China has opened up to the world and that has transformed itself into one of the top tourist destinations in the world. On the other hand, Chinese nationals have been visiting many other international countries making China one of the largest tourist countries in the world. The sudden growth in China tourism has made China the third most visited country in the world after France and the United States of America.

Tourists come to China to explore century’s old traditions, culture, medicinal history and the royal events that shaped China into what it is today. The Great Wall of China, Xi’an, Shanghai, and Tiananmen Square are some of the points of interest that should be on your list of places to visit.

You should also explore the rural part of China that still holds its culture close to its heart. Surrounded by mountains and thatched roof houses, this is where you can experience the best of China. The locals are friendly, the scenery pleasant as well as inviting and the food appealing to your taste buds.

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