Zurich Tourism

“Grüezi”, “Bonjour”, “Buongiorno”, “Bun di”. These are a few greetings used to say hello to someone in Zurich. Known as the hard-working financial capital of Switzerland, this wealthy metropolis is one artsy, hip destination.

Recognised amongst the world’s most liveable cities, Zurich is situated at a stunning congregation of a river and lake. With an ancient touch and long, winding lanes, the infrastructure of the city has been impeccably preserved, all thanks to the government. The stunning panoramas of architecture and mountains attract a large number of yearly visitors, in time to witness everything Zurich tourism has to offer.

But the city has readily and unequivocally embraced the modern world as well, with the conversion of old spaces into contemporary cultural complexes and inspired living places. Nightlife beckons you at Züri-West, one shining example of the post-modern culture of Zurich.

Zurich tourism offers a perfect blend of the city’s artistic urban side along with its natural landscape. The city has planned events almost every day and is a hub of entertainment with its historical museums, nightclubs and food festivals. Even the mountains beckon you into its warm, relaxing embrace and scenic views.

Geography of Zurich

If you’ve seen ‘The Sound of Music’, you have a fair idea of the beauty of Zurich. Mountains and lakes sync with each other in perfect harmony, as does its rural agricultural lifestyle with its modern cosmopolitan outlook. Zurich is unpolluted, well-organized and one of the best cities one could ever live in.

Zurich Climate

The best time to visit Zurich is between the months of June and August, since it is much warmer compared to the freezing winters. While July is the hottest month with temperatures hovering around 19°C, the coldest month is January which remains under freezing temperatures.

Culture of Zurich

The Swiss are usually an informal bunch with an obsession for punctuality. It is a city known for its rich culture and heritage. Expect countless events and celebrations as the Swiss are big on street parades and food, music and dance festivals.

What to See in Zurich?

Begin your tour by heading to Fraumünster, a 13th century church known for its exquisite stained-glass windows. Or head to Kunsthaus, Zurich’s famous fine-arts exhibit, or simple roam the streets, grab a snack and absorb everything beautiful in your vicinity. There is always something to do in Zurich!

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Zurich Tourism


  • Always be on time when meeting anybody.


  • Dress formal but comfortable, especially while eating out.


  • Always pack your best woollens as these are expensive in Zurich.


  • Do not travel without waterproof warm shoes and socks or stockings.


  • Do not get angry when refused entry on account of late arrival.

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