Wayanad Tourism

If you have a list of things and places that mesmerize you, then Wayanad will definitely make it to that list. This inexplicably beautiful place is one of a kind as it is a hill station in the land of beaches and coconut trees. Yes, that’s right! You climb high to find the magnificent mountains that romance the Western Ghats, and descend down only to see serene beaches lined with coconut and palm trees. If you are planning your trip to Wayanad then read on and get to know this place a little closer.

Wayanad Geography

Wayanad is located in the Southwestern part of India, in the state of Kerala. The eastern part of Wayanad consists of wildlife sanctuaries whereas the southern part takes you back in time with Edakkal caves, that date back to the Neolithic age. The mountains of Wayanad rise about 2100 metres above sea level. The fertile soil of Wayanad has shouldered coffee, tea, cardamom, pepper and rubber plantations. The mountains befriend Coorg district of Karnataka on the north and Malappuram district on the south. The mist clad mountains are caressed by Panorama, Manathavady and Kabini rivers. The unique geographical location along with historical carvings has made Wayanad tourism incredibly popular among travellers.

Wayanad Climate 

Though Wayanad is recognized as a hilly region, the place can’t escape its tropical roots. With moderate to heavy rainfall lurking with slight humidity in the monsoon season, the climate here is a mix of cold breezes and warm tropical hues. Unlike other hill stations, the summers here are very hot with temperatures going up to 34 degree Celsius. The winters are not bone-chillingly cold but just enough to sport that fancy muffler. The minimum temperature recorded in winter is somewhere close to 14-15 degree Celsius. The southwest monsoon winds are the most aggressive ones bringing heavy showers and high humidity. Plan your Wayanad tourism excursion according to the climatic conditions. Choose which version of mountains you would like to see, the mist-clad hills, the drizzling grey covers of monsoons, or the bright sun shining through the peaks of Wayanad.

Wayanad Culture

The untouched beauty of the place is reflected not just by its indigenous wildlife and flora and fauna but by its culture as well. The culture of Wayanad is completely influenced by the tribal people residing here. Adiyars, Paniyas, Kurumas, Kattunaikar and Kadans are the main tribes of Wayanad. The people of Wayanad worship their land and their art as agriculture earns them livelihood and the art becomes their muse. Thudi and Kuzhal by Paniyas, Nellukuthu Pattu by Kurichias, Kolkali by Kurumas and Gadhika by Adiyas are the some of the art forms that all the artsy travellers can witness. People of Wayanad are a joyous lot and the festivities here are a reflection of the same. Some of the main festivals celebrated here are Karthigai, Mahashivratri, Thirunell festival, Asthami Rohini and Easter and Christmas. Thirunelli and Mahashivratri festivals are the major celebrations in Wayanad. The authentic culture of this place adds a unique flavour to Wayanad tourism.

Wayanad tourism

Wayanad doesn’t offer different packages for different tourist spots. It offers diverse experiential packages to explore every place in a different way. You can take your pick from camping in Wayanad hills, trekking tours, cycling or a Wayanad photography tour. You can also avail a combined Wayanad and Ooty tour package and flock from one hill station to another. If your keen interest in Ayurveda has brought you to Kerala, then sign up for a complete Ayurveda tour package at Wayanad and spend your trip with deep healing routines. The south zone birding tour that includes numerous places in Kerala including Wayanad, is one of a kind package for you to see various migratory birds. Unlike other trips, Wayanad tourism packages will let you pick the experiences instead of places.

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Wayanad Tourism


The following are some travel tips, do's and don'ts to keep in mind during your Wayanad trip.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

Though enjoying any trip includes exploring the local culture, it is important to not disturb the community’s life rhythm and to respect the local beliefs and boundaries. For you to enjoy your trip completely without any discomfort, here are few do’s and don’ts to ensure a pleasant Wayanad tour.


· Carry clothing and other equipment required for the season in which you’ll be visiting Wayanad.

· Always carry a valid identity card. All foreign nationals must carry their passports everywhere in Kerala.

· Take prior permission from the authorities or the locals, in case you are planning on photographing them.

· Make all your travel arrangements well in advance.


· Don’t drive in the hilly areas unless you are comfortable driving on steep slopes.

· Don’t carry a lot of cash. Wayanad is well-equipped with all the banking services including ATMs and exchange bureaus.

· As Wayanad is completely a hilly region, don’t overtake from the wrong side while driving or riding a bicycle.

· Don’t play loud music in public places.

· Avoid carrying plastic bags or littering.

· Avoid dressing scantily while visiting places of religious significance.

Wayanad tourism will leave you all refreshed and rejuvenated. Precaution is better than cure and prepping up for your trip with some necessary information will help you to avoid unforeseen circumstances and stay away from the trouble. So, the next time you are looking for Wayanad tour packages or other Kerala tour packages , head to the nearest SOTC office. Our travel experts will equip you with everything that you need to know about the place.