Usa Tourism Guide

North America is the third largest continent in the world, home to some of the most amazing natural wonders and modern cities. With an estimated population of 380 million people, there are hundreds of cultures and sights for you to soak in. From pristine lakes to urban cityscapes, tall mountains to white sand beaches, you can be sure your North America tours will be unlike any other.

Quick Overview

USA Tourism Information
Official Language English
Also Known as United States
Currency U.S. dollar
Time Zone UTC
Area 9,833,520 Square Kilometer
Best known for Hollywood, Football and The Statue of Liberty
Things To Do Climb The Empire State Building, Road Trip And Explore The National Mall
Places To Visi Niagara Falls, Manhattan, Golden Gate Bridge And Walt Disney World

US Geography 

This is a vast and varied country, covering a large majority of the North American continent. Aside from the mainland, Alaska and Hawaii are also part of the American federation. As one of the world’s largest countries, you can only imagine the geographic diversity it has to offer. There’re the two great waterbodies on either coast, the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast and Pacific on the west. There’re deciduous forests, the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains, lakes and rivers in abundance, prairie plains, miles of desert, islands, mangroves, volcanoes and geysers — there isn’t any end to the list! And that’s another reason for the popularity of USA tours.

USA Climate 

You can find almost every kind of climate across the USA, thanks to the changing topography of the country. While California experiences almost Mediterranean temperatures, Oregon and Washington are much more oceanic. Alaska is polar cold while Florida is a tropical paradise. Chicago and New York are snowy in the winters white Las Vegas is always desert warm. So, the best time to visit USA is dependent on the kind of climatic conditions you wish to experience might play a part in choosing your final destinations to visit, or vice versa.

US Culture 

The land of free and home of the brave has been welcoming citizens from around the world ever since its formation. But since even before that, the Native Indians lay claim to the land. While colonial imports were also present, before the nation progressed from medieval to modern. This multi-cultural country is one of the most vibrant thanks to this eclectic mix of people, all sharing a common belief in the American dream. Experiencing these different backgrounds and communities is an integral part of any United States of America tour.

When it comes to pop-culture, once again America leads the world in creating the cool before it can even be considered so. Be it music, art or movies, everyone in the world is well clued into the American performing and fine arts. Even the education here is considered top notch, with many of the world’s best universities found in its big cities and towns. That’s why USA tourism will have you ticking more things off your bucket list than any other destination.

USA Tours 

Once you have your visa in order, amazing USA tours are just a booking away! Most people pick a coast or the interiors, but with such advanced connectivity, you could easily state-hop as much as you’d like.

For the east coast, think iconic cities like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Orlando. Which means you could see amazing landmarks from the Niagara Falls to the Statue of Liberty to Disney World — doesn’t that sound fun?

But wait, the west coast is no less interesting with just as much to enjoy. Las Vegas, San Francisco and California are just some of the cities to visit, offering up attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge, Las Vegas strip, Venice Beach and Hollywood.

For the outdoorsy kind, there’s natural wonders all across the country, like the historic Yellowstone National Park, awe-inspiring Grand Canyon and the Smoky Mountains amongst others.

While the perfect island getaway lies in wait in the beautiful archipelago of Hawaii, from Honolulu to Maui to Big Island — experience everything from surfing to snorkelling and all kinds of sand-in-feet fun.

Alaskan packages are also really popular USA tours, for once-in-a-lifetime experiences like witnessing the aurora borealis, hiking through the spectacular Denali National Park, cruises on the glacial waters, Chena Hot Springs and setting foot on the Arctic Circle.

Language Spoken

English, Spanish, indo-Europen, Asian & pacific and others

Currency used:

US$ (The United States Dollar)

NOV-MAR 19.7 to -16.3oC
JUL-AUG 27.3 to 11.3oC

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The following are some travel tips, do's and dont's to keep in mind during your USA trip.


  • Greet shopkeepers or any other locals you come across as it is considered polite.
  • Leave an appropriate tip for servers at restaurants and taxi drivers too — this is a huge part of their earnings.
  • Follow the traffic rules as any infringement will prove costly.


  • Do not keep people waiting, locals appreciate being on time. 
  • Do not smoke outside a designated area, as smoking is banned in many public and outdoor places. 
  • Do not use American slang as you may have seen and heard on television, as it could be considered regionally or culturally offensive — be wary of your surroundings!

The enormity of USA tourism cannot be captured in words, it has to be experienced — over and over again. It may be your first visit or your fifth, there’s always a new state, a new museum, a new event or experience yet to be discovered. And with SOTCs specially designed USA tour packages and itineraries to take you there, this is well and truly one of the best places to visit.