Udaipur Tourism

Yet another one of Rajasthan’s historic royal capitals, this time, that of the Mewar Kingdom, Udaipur is a truly spectacular destination. The city of lakes, the Venice of the East, the white city – it’s got not one but three enchanting names! Such is its ability to mesmerise. For travellers seeking a luxurious getaway or simply a glimpse of royal luxury, for couples yearning a romantic escapade or families in search of an adventurous one – Udaipur tourism promises to be the vacation you need and then some.

It’s got wonderful boutique hotels nestled in picturesque spots to make your stay enjoyable, the most amazing sightseeing experiences across countless palaces and monuments each a bigger architectural marvel than the next, culture is at every corner, be it colourful marketplaces or priceless artefact-holding museums. And the food is just as rich! With Udaipur tourism, every day of your stay is a treat unto itself.

Udaipur Geography

Udaipur is situated by the Gujarat border, in the southernmost corner of Rajasthan. Enveloped by the Aravali Range of mountains, it lies protected from the Thar Desert. The southern districts are covered by hills and forests, the eastern are fertile plains and the northern feature more plateaus. Desuri Nal and Saoke are the two passes within the mountain range, linking Udaipur to Jodhpur.

But its geographic highlight is the presence of seven lakes, which has been integral to the story of the city right from medieval times. Consequently, much of Udaipur tourism today centres around them too – like palaces on or by the lake and even a solar observatory that’s in the middle of one! Though more importantly, the lake system serves as the city’s source of water for almost every use.

Udaipur Climate

Udaipur experiences three seasons – summer, monsoon and winter, but the climate is defined as semi-arid. Between March to June, temperatures soar, and the heat is unavoidable. While July to October brings much respite in the form of rainfall, replenishing all the lakes and rejuvenating all the greenery. Winter is the peak tourist season, with pleasant days and chilly nights, the preferred clime of most visitors. Though for a romantic getaway or bird spotting, monsoons see a slight peak in tourism too.

Udaipur Culture

Like most of Rajasthan, Udaipur possesses a rich and vibrant culture. Peel back the layers and you’ll discover everything from ancient history, to royal stories and folk traditions. This diverse community embraces its heritage and makes it accessible for visitors to experience. Every single Udaipur tourism highlight in some way illuminates an aspect of its culture. You’ll see exquisite palaces that speak of a glorious and indulgent past, iconic masterpieces of architecture that display the mingling of Indo-Islamic styles, lakeside activities and sceneries, temples intricately crafted and intensely worshipped, nature and wildlife protected and promoted.

The beautiful City Palace and Lake Palace are the most iconic places of the lot, but others like Saheliyon-ki-Badi, Gulab Bagh, Monsoon Palace and Bagore Ki Haveli are just as worth the visit. And then there’s the many festivals, fairs and events that only add to the abundance of experiences you could have, to taste a bit of Udaipur’s culture. One of the most important places you’ll get to experience this is at Shilpgram, now a government-sponsored handicrafts village that hosts an annual festival, though you could visit all-year-round and see first-hand the generations-old craftwork techniques on display. Food is also a big part of the city’s culture, with plenty of restaurants of every budget, to sample.

Udaipur Tours

Your Udaipur itinerary will always be packed full of exciting things to see and do.

Couples touring Udaipur can experience a multitude of memorable moments. Sunset from the Fater Prakash Palace within the famed City Palace Complex will give you postcard views across Lake Pichola. But first, take a boat ride across it that’s just as charming!

While those seeking a bit more thrill of the romance, there’s camel riding and paragliding to do!

Sightseeing enthusiasts can explore those two palaces and all of the others! There’s the Monsoon Palace, Jagmandir Island, Navalakha Mahal. While other landmarks like the Ahar Museum, Saheliyon Ki Badi, Gulab Bagh, Jag Mandir and the Solar Observatory offer such a lovely variety of views, architectural styles, historical stories and picture-worthy moments.

While certain experiences can be tailor-made for your specific agenda, generally speaking all of these activities promise to be enjoyable for all travellers.

Especially visiting all of the many lakes! This is the city of lakes, after all. And though you’ll undouobtedly see Lakes Fateh Sagar and Pichola as they home most of those top visited sights, the other lakes are a treat unto themselves. Udai Sagar, Doodh Talai, Jaisamand and Badi are all stunning in their own right.

If you want your trip to be about wildlife, locations like Menar for its birdlife and Sajjangarh Biological Park for its big cats, will heavily feature on your itinerary.

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Udaipur Tourism

The following are some travel trips, do's and dont's to keep in mind during your Udaipur trip. 


· Be wary of traffic when roaming around the busier roads

· Seek to pre-book your taxis and day tours in advance so that you can avoid inflated prices

· Respect local customs at all times

· Follow all the regulations mentioned at museums and monuments


· Do not leave shops without attempting to bargain

· Do not buy handicrafts from unauthorised sellers. Support the authentic emporia

With so much more information on Udaipur tourism, you now have that much more to look forward to on your visit! With SOTC’s Udaipur holiday packages , you’re guaranteed to experience them all.