Kumarakom Tourism

Wearing Kerala’s largest lake as its crown, Kumarakom attracts several tourists throughout the year. From migratory birds to majestic backwaters, looks like nature has chosen this place as its home. A Kumarakom tour is like taking a nap in nature’s lap. 

Kumarakom Geography

Kumarakom is a part of the Kuttanad region that is popularly known as the rice bowl of Kerala. This quaint village is spread over an area of 51.67 sq. kms and is home to the largest lake of Kerala - Vembanad lake. Though Kumarakom is a sparsely populated region, the tourism boom has led to people from nearby villages flocking here.

Kumarakom Climate

Kumarakom enjoys a typical tropical climate. The place is moderately warm with temperatures ranging between 22 degree Celsius to 34 degree Celsius. However, humidity in this village is low compared to the neighbouring villages because of the Vembanad lake. If you are repelled by the bone-chilling cold or want to get a nice tan while relaxing in nature, a Kumarakom tour is your answer. Or if your love for dreamy monsoons is never-ending then Kumarakom will be a delight for you with its two monsoon seasons – one from June to August and the second one, with its mild showers, in the month of November. 

Kumarakom Culture

People of Kumarakom have built their culture around the most important heritage of the place – its nature. Everything from their occupation to festivals and lifestyle has a slice of nature in it. With a population that is a mix of various religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, Kumarakom can be rightly called as a melting pot of cultures. This tropical village lights up in festive colours during Onam in August and Ugadi in April. In all, Kumarakom enjoys a relaxed life filled with multi-cultural celebrations. Kumarakom tourism will make sure that you experience every hue of the local culture. 

Kumarakom Tour

There are not many exclusive Kumarakom tourism packages. A visit to Kumarakom will be included if you avail one of the beach tours of Kerala. Even if you are exploring the hills instead of seashores, you won’t regret adding Kumarakom in your itinerary. 

Language Spoken

Malayalam, English

Currency used:

Indian Rupee

NOV-FEB 18-28oC
MAR-JUN 32-36oC
JUN-OCT 20-25oC

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Kumarakom Tourism Tips

The following are some travel tips, do's and don'ts to keep in mind during your Kumarakom trip.


1. Kumarakom does not have a railway station or an airport. Therefore, make sure to book your ride from the nearest airport or the railway station before your arrival.

2. Keep a tab on the availability of transport to and from the village during monsoons.


1. Don’t smoke or carry leather items in Hindu or Jain temples.

2. Don’t swim during monsoons or during high tides.

To know more about Kumarakom tourism head to our nearest SOTC branch and plan your Kumarakom trip with ease.