Say bonjour to France tourism – an experience that promises to be culturally colourful, luxuriously indulgent, artistically enchanting and an on-your-toes adventure in a land that’s strangely familiar even though it’s so far away from home. For you’ve experienced much of the country in your history books, in the movies or television, in art and in literature. We haven’t even gotten to French food yet!

In recent times, France has often topped the list of world’s most-visited countries. And it’s no surprise, given how geared for tourism it is. The country boasts the largest number of hotels, holiday cottages and campsites than any of its continental counterparts. And it’s got the best rail network too! That’s why France tours are ever-so-popular with backpackers as well as families. Plus, there’s highlights like the romanticism of Paris and Mont Blanc for couples and Disneyland for kids. Sun, sea or snow for adventure seekers, and the Louvre or Palace of Versailles for culture enthusiasts. France tourism really has something for everyone. Just as SOTC has the best packages to visit the country.

France Geography

France is strategically located, bordering many of Europe’s big nations including Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain and a marine border with England. Paris’s Charles De Gaulle airport is a gateway to travel across the continent and beyond. This is the second-largest country in Europe and boasts an expansive list of geographical features. The north and west of the country are made up largely of flat rolling hills, while the English Channel is a stretch of jagged cliff edges. The southern border with Spain is dominated by the Pyrenees mountains, while southeast France’s geographic highlight is the grand Alps that then expand into neighbouring Italy and Switzerland.

There’re plenty of waterbodies including English Channel, Strait of Dover, Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The rivers like Seine and Rhone are well-known. The country’s largest island is none other than Corsica, birthplace of the once-great Napoleon Bonaparte. Do these stunning landscapes sound like they could make for the perfect holiday? We certainly think so.

France Climate

Good news! You are most likely to experience great weather on France tours. It never gets unbearably cold, with the exception of high-altitude regions in the winter. Between April to August presents pleasant temperatures all around so even young ones and seniors will always feel comfortable. But one handy tip would be to carry along an umbrella or rain jacket for the mild rainfall that could feature on certain days. There are microclimates to account for, of course. So coastal areas can get extra windy, mountain tops can get chilly and cities can get warmer than usual. It all depends on the season during which you’re visiting.

France Culture

Now this is where France tourism really gets exciting. Not many countries afford the kind of cultural depth found here. While its modern history is something you might be familiar with, this is a country with a story that goes back much further. You can trace it as far back as the Roman era and sightsee your way past everything from medieval chateaux to palaces of grandeur, from exquisite cathedrals to cutting-edge art installations, from luxurious fashion to football passion.

The country is multi-ethnic, and to this day lives on the principle of “liberty, equality and fraternity”. There’s a real pride the French take in their heritage. That includes the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre with its countless artefacts, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Palace of Versailles – just to name a few. And you simply can’t play down the importance of great food and wine, in French culture. So, expect French tourism to be a culinary escapade as much as one of history, art or nature.

All of the great monuments and moments that are there to be discovered, you can also find in SOTC’s France tours.

France Tour

If you’re looking for the perfect family getaway, exploring France is one of the best options in the world. As a tourist hub, it has all the features of being a top-class experience for all age groups.

While you would love Paris for the views from up on the Eiffel, artsy cobbled-stoned paths of Montmartre and strolling down Champs-Élysées, kids will absolutely love visiting Disneyland, the Magic Museum and petting zoo.

While touring other regions like Provence or Brittany offer their own kind of family fun like biking or hiking trails, castles or campsites. Even elders can travel with you and enjoy things like comfort stays with epic countryside or outdoor views, even things like cooking classes can be arranged!

Couples can expect nothing less than the perfect romantic getaway, just like out of a movie. Yes, there’s the undeniable charm of walking hand in hand down the historic Parisian streets, but there’s also tremendous beauty, intimacy and sumptuous wines to sample with your special one in Bordeaux, Burgundy or Champagne.

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France Tourism

Here are some travel tips, do;s and don'ts to keep in mind during your France trip.

Some Do’s & Don’ts


· Try to learn a few basic French words and phrases, as locals greatly appreciate the effort.

· Address ladies as Madame and the men as Monsieur.


· Don’t surprised if a local greets you with a kiss on the cheek! This is the customary friendly hello.

· Be too loud in public! Respect shared spaces, as the French do.

France Tourism is a versatile experience. Simply pick a France tour package  from SOTC and start packing for an exciting holiday.