Denmark Tourism

The Nordic nation of Denmark is known for many things: being the happiest country in the world, making delicious Danish pastries, ruling the world during the time of the Vikings and being home to the award-winning restaurant, Noma. Denmark tourism is growing every year as the country becomes increasingly popular amongst travellers from around the world. If you’re curious about this happy country and the home of Hygge, you have come to the right place!

Geography of Denmark

Denmark is located in the north of Europe and consists of the main Jutland peninsula and hundreds of islands. It lies below of Norway and Sweden and is connected to both countries by regular ferry service. To the south, Denmark is bordered by Germany. For the most part, Denmark’s terrain is marked by beautiful rolling plains, while areas near the coast are sandy.

Climate of Denmark

Weather in Denmark can best be categorised as ‘cool’. While winters are mild in comparison to the other Nordic countries, near-zero temperatures are not uncommon in the heart of the winter. Summers in Denmark are cool as well; however, summertime in Denmark means long days with sunlight often lasting for sixteen hours in the peak of the season.

Culture of Denmark

Danish culture comes with a deep intellectual and artistic history. The country has made several contributions to science, literature, philosophy, theatre and art, and many of the important experiences and attractions that form Denmark tourism are hinged on these elements.

One of the most important and popular aspects of Danish culture is Hygge. The word itself means ‘snug’ and is associated with experiences that bring contentment and warmth – such as sharing a hearty meal with family or having a cooling drink on a warm summer day. In fact, Hygge may very well be the reason that Denmark ranks high on the global happiness index.

Language Spoken


Currency used:

Danish krone


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Denmark Tourism

Denmark Tours

Denmark tourism has surged in popularity in recent years, and the country is very well equipped to handle the influx of visitors it welcomes every year. As a tourist in Denmark, it is very easy to get around the country by car as well as the world-class train service that links major and minor cities. For the offshore islands, regular ferry boats can take you to and from your destination. While Danish is the national language of Denmark, most of the locals are fluent in English so it is easy to get around.

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