Czech Republic Tourism

History is well and truly alive in the Central European nation of Czech Republic. A land that has seen inhabitants for over six hundred thousand years, countless kingdoms and armies that came, conquered and culminated. They have all left an indelible mark on the cultural fabric of the country, that you can experience for yourself through the sights and sounds of Czech Republic tourism.

From the Celt legacy of Bohemia to the marvellously maintained gothic structures like Prague Castle or St. Vitus Cathedral and Brno Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. There are neoclassical wonders all across the spa town of Karlovy Vary, and other landmarks throughout all regions of the country. Sightseeing isn’t the only thing that makes visiting this country so exciting and popular with tourists from around the world. There are incredible natural spaces to explore like Bohemian Paradise, a host of winter activities, a classy wine culture in Moravia and a growing gastronomical and nightlife scene to take you from day to night to morning (if you so wish).

Czech Republic Geography

No coastline, but the varied landscapes that make up Czech Republic offer plenty for tourists to enjoy. The country is divided into two main areas – Bohemia in the west and Moravia in the east. The west consists of a river basin drained by the Labe and Vltava Rivers, surrounded by low-lying rolling mountains, plains and plateaus. In the east, the terrain morphs into a hillier one, with the Morava and Oder Rivers the main water features. That’s why it’s not just for culture buffs, Czech Republic tours are also perfect for those seeking adventure in the great outdoors.

Czech Republic Climate

Warm summers and cold winters mean Czech Republic tourism is on through the year. The moderately continental clime is standard across the country, but microclimates exist at different altitudes and biospheres. Generally, the higher you go the colder and wetter it gets. Seasonally, November to February is below-freezing, but winter and snow tourism during this time is very popular. While March signifies the coming of spring, with temperatures on the rise over the next few months, into summer. July to August is the warmest and thereby popular for Czech Republic tourism. Though you could just as easily visit during the autumn months of September and October, when temperatures are still bearable and nature changes colour.

Czech Republic Culture

Located in Central Europe, Czech Republic has been at the heart of the continent and all its stories. The country has witnessed a rich medieval past, a troubled communist turn of the century and a modern-day capitalist cultural hub. All of these chapters in its history greatly add to the tourist experience. There are castles and churches of stunning architecture, museums and galleries wearing the finest art, paradisiacal landscapes and national parks that make Czech Republic tourism one of the finest cultural experiences you can have. And there is still the food, folklore and intangible heritage to complete the package.

Czech Republic Tours

Czech Republic tours can be wholesome family experiences in scenic surrounds, with plenty of action for all ages. Bohemian Paradise is one such idyllic playground where you can go hiking and biking amidst lush pine forests. A region that has always appealed to the artistic, rich and eclectic, will reveal its secrets as soon as you visit.

For those seeking a relaxing holiday, Czech Republic can really pamper you with its glorious spa towns like Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne (it has a wonderful golf course too) and Luhacovice Spa. The country has no shortage of thermal and mineral springs that are happy to share their healing properties with visitors. If such a getaway interests you, get into the details of Czech Republic’s many wellness resorts and experiences with SOTC.

Couples can look forward to an incredible experience in the Czech Republic. Its old-world charm perfectly complementing new-age romance. There’s luxury stays, candle-lit dinners and countless memorable moments in store. For those with more modest tastes, there’s plenty of designer and boutique hotels that are just as wonderful.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Czech Republic tourism is its immeasurable wealth of culture. Of course, Prague is at the heart of such tours, with its globally recognised landmarks. But there’s plenty more you can find in all corners of the country. Architectural styles from Romanesque to baroque to modern minimalist. Bygone-era towns like Mikulov or Zatec, and even the traditions and events the country holds that all add to the flavour of your visit.

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Czech Republic Tourism

Do’s & Don’ts


  • Learn a few Czech phrases for a bit of local appreciation. Start with “Dobrý den”, the simple “good day”!
  • Give up your seat on local transport for children or the elderly.
  • Visit important landmarks early in the morning or late evening to avoid the afternoon rush.
  • Sample some authentic Czech beers!


  • Do not discuss business with a local, as the Czechs make a clear distinction between personal and professional lives.
  • Don’t assume everyone speaks English, politely ask first instead.

The Czech Republic offers one of the most complete European experiences you could ask for, at a much better price than some of its continental siblings. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, visit the SOTC website to check out some of the great value deals, all-inclusive Czech Republic Tour Packages and custom-made itineraries that you could sign up for.