Budapest Tourism

Hungary’s capital is an enthralling destination that will hold your heart with its friendly vibes, fascinating history and an eclectic culinary scene. Blessed with natural beauty and a rich network of therapeutic thermal springs, Budapest opens itself up for every type of traveller – from families to backpackers and culture seekers to thrill seekers.

The city cherishes its history while embracing the contemporary. The churches and the castles happily coexist with Budapest’s famous ruin bars. Your Budapest tour will be a roller coaster ride. The thermal baths will soothe and relax you while the city’s vibrant nightlife will excite you. Get close to the city’s pulse at any of the cultural and culinary events.

Hungarians take immense pride in their culture and heritage. Budapest tourism is a balanced mix of the old and the contemporary that come together to make for a memorable encounter with every visit. In fact, most of Budapest city has been granted the UNESCO World Heritage Site status. From its museums to its thermal baths, Budapest is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be explored.

Budapest Geography

Located in Central Europe, Budapest is well-connected with the rest of Europe by a strong road and rail network. Not many people know that Budapest is a merger of three towns – Old Buda (Óbuda), Buda and Pest which came together in 1872 to become Budapest. The river Danube divides the city into two distinct parts, Buda and Pest.

The hilly Buda side is the residential and recreational zone, while the flatter Pest side houses the commercial and industrial areas. Interestingly, Budapest also has 3 islands – Csepel Island, Óbudai Island and Margaret Island, all on the Danube.

Budapest also enjoys nature’s bounty in the form of a teeming network of mineral-rich thermal springs. These springs are an important and an inseparable part of Budapest’s culture and are now a big part of Budapest tourism. Some of these springs have carved an intricate cave system under the hills in Buda. Throughout history, these have proved handy during wars and invasions.

Budapest Climate

Budapest has four distinctly defined seasons. Despite being the hottest months, summers are the busiest time for Budapest tourism. But temperatures rarely cross the 30° C mark in summer. The city begins to cool down as fall approaches and average temperatures hover around 15-16° C. November sees a sudden dip as winter finally makes an appearance in December.

With heavy snowfall in December and January, the temperatures could go as low as -15° C. Not a good time for a Budapest tour. Spring sees the mercury climb to more bearable levels. Though it rains almost throughout the year, it will not hamper your explorations. Budapest gets the most rainfall during the summer months.

The shoulder months are the best time to visit Budapest. This is the time when Budapest comes alive with cultural events and performances.


Budapest Culture

Budapest is a city that knows how to celebrate. From its wines to its arts, the people here cherish and enjoy their cultural heritage. Painstakingly rebuilt after facing ruin during the second world war, the city bears its scars proudly – perhaps to show its resilience, or simply to remind the world of the consequences of war.

Budapest has created a whole sub-culture around its war-torn ruins. The ruin bars here are the city’s most preferred watering holes that are among the liveliest social hubs of the city. Meeting for drinks in done-up dilapidated buildings has a certain quirky charm to it.

The ruin bars, in turn, have given rise to new art initiatives which have turned the city into one big canvas. Street art is quickly gaining acceptance as Budapest tourism is increasingly highlighting local talent.

The Sziget Music Festival has exploded in popularity over the years. But classical and local folk music remains equally loved.

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Hungarian Forint (HUF)


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Budapest Tourism

Budapest Tourism

The history of Budapest and its culture are the heart of Budapest tourism. When in Budapest, you walk amidst history at the Fisherman’s Bastion and the Buda Castle. The Bastion, built between 1895 and 1902, stands guard overlooking the Danube. The courtyards and the towers are a photographer’s delight.

Likewise, the 18th-century Buda Castle is a standing testimony to Hungary’s deep history. Originally built to protect against Tartar and Mongol attacks, it was replaced by an opulent 200-room palace.

You will appreciate Budapest’s Baroque architecture at the St. Stephens Basilica and the Parliament Building. The latter is the third-largest parliament building in the world and boasts 19km of stairs and corridors that connect its 691 rooms! You can get a glimpse of the Hungarian Crown Jewels during a guided tour.

With so much history to explore, you won’t run out of things to do in Budapest. Apart from its history, the abundant thermal baths are the city’s biggest draw. Enjoyed by locals and tourists alike, these thermal baths are important community points. They remain open throughout the year, even during national holidays.

Budapest honours its war heroes and the innocent victims who lost their lives during wars. The Heroes’ Square and the Shoes on the Danube Bank stand testimony to the fact. The Memento Park and the liberty statue are remnants of the country’s communist past while the House of Terror looks to educate the visitors of the horrors of war and Nazi oppression.

Budapest will open its heart and soul to you.  Book your Budapest tour package with SOTC  today and set off on a Hungarian adventure.

Here are some travel tips, o's and dont's to keep in mind during your Budapest trip.

Dos and Don’ts in Budapest


· Call medical help whenever you want as they are available round the clock

· It is completely safe to drink tap water

· Use public transport to get around


· Do not forget to tip the drivers and restaurants

· Do not say thank you unless you have received the change money

·        Avoid taking valuables to the Baths in Budapest