Bangkok Tourism

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles and Bangkok tourism has a huge role to play here. A trip to Thailand often means sunning at the beach, frolicking in the clear green waters surrounding the many islands. But Bangkok is not without its charms. The hectic and bustling city is unapologetically cosmopolitan and yet, holds its roots close to its heart. Here sprawling malls, with the latest designer offerings, are equally at home with lush paddy fields just outside the city. There’s indeed something for everyone here. 

For some people, Bangkok tourism might be a misnomer because the city feels intense and packed but within the heart of this city, there is so much to see and explore that one visit is surely not enough. Millions of tourists come here to recuperate from their busy lives, to take a breather or to simply enjoy the many wonders it has on offer. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling with family or backpacking alone. Bangkok tourism will ensure that you return home feeling like a new person – energised and with a brand-new outlook on life. With so many things to see and enjoy here, you will definitely want to keep coming back for more. 

Bangkok Geography 

Bangkok is the capital and the largest city of Thailand. Located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok has a population of 6 million people at least. Bangkok is often known as the Venice of the East because of the many canals surrounding it and this is the location for the many floating markets of the city.

Bangkok is one of South East Asia’s top economic centres. Considering the influx of foreign tourists who come here regularly, this is not surprising at all. 

Bangkok Climate 

Before you plan your Bangkok tour you, need to know what sort of climate to expect there. As a tropical city, the climate here tends to be more on the hot side. In fact, in months like April and May, the heat and humidity can be unbearable.

The best time to visit Bangkok would be during the mild winter, in the months of December and January. Monsoons reach their peak during the month of September and it is best to avoid the city during this time. Most of the other months, Bangkok is perfectly fine. Just remember to wear appropriate clothes and make sure you have sunscreen or an umbrella, whichever maybe the case. 

Bangkok Culture 

While you’re on a Bangkok tour, do remember that understanding the culture of the city can be a great help in helping you assimilate there, even as a tourist. The Thai are friendly people and it can be seen in the fervent way they celebrate their festivals.

At the same time, Bangkok can be considered a melting pot of different cultures where people from different countries have found a home. It is fascinating to see all these aspects in Bangkok’s daily life while you immerse yourself in the culture of this captivating city.

Bangkok City Tour 

A Bangkok city tourism experience can be unforgettable. It’s all up to you. You can follow the much-treaded tourist path, or you can choose to traverse a different road altogether and see sights that would leave you astounded.

Some of the unusual things that you can enjoy as part of your Bangkok tour can include a visit to the macabre Death Museum which is full of grotesque displays. Go there only if you are not squeamish and want to spend their looking at weird and gory things. There’s also the Caturday Cat Café, where feline lovers can sip coffee surrounded by a multitude of cats. For more surreal experiences to add to your Bangkok tourism, visit the Airplane Graveyard where there are remains of aircraft for you to linger over. 

Bangkok tourism would be incomplete however, without a mention of the tasty food that’s available there. Whether you’re a gourmand or simply a person who appreciates good food, you won’t be able to resist the mouth-watering aromas that emanate from the various street food stalls that are everywhere around you. People in Bangkok always stop to grab a quick bite to eat or even sit down at pop-up restaurants with their plastic tables and chairs for a tasty meal. When in Bangkok, do as Bangkok does!

No Bangkok tour would be complete without a visit to the many wats, or temples that are present in the city. There are more than 400 wats in the city, but the most famous ones are Wat Arun, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho. Wat Pho is famous for its humongous statue of the reclining Buddha that is entirely covered in gold leaf.

If you are travelling from India, you will need a Thailand tourist visa. Also, the official Bangkok currency i.e. the currency of Thailand is the Thai baht (THB).

Language Spoken


Currency used:

Thai Baht


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Bangkok Tourism Tips

The following are some travel tips, do's and dont's to keep in mind during your Bangkok trip. 


• Be respectful of Buddhist monks whenever you see them. Treat them with veneration as that is how the local Thai also treat them.

• Ensure that you’re wearing appropriate clothing when entering a temple. Also take care to remove your footwear before entering any place of worship. 

• If you plan to shop in the local night markets, remember to bargain for a good deal.


• Avoid placing your feet on tables as this is considered a sign of disrespect. 

• Don’t get angry if things aren’t going your way. 

• Don’t point at anything or anyone as this is considered rude. 

Bangkok will appeal to you with its charming approach and a seamless link between the past and future. Modernity rests peacefully alongside quaint fishing villages. Tourists are always finding ways to bring themselevs back to the city for more. 

If you’re planning to explore Bangkok before heading off maybe to Koi Phi Phi or to do a spot of rock climbing at Railay, then SOTC has plenty of Bangkok tour packages that would be perfect for you.