Visa Free or Visa on Arrival Holidays

Visa on arrival is the option that some countries offer so that one doesn’t have to apply for a visa before the trip. Countries which offer visa on arrival, provides a facility where on reaching the destination, the applicant queues up at the visa counter, fills a form and pays for the visa on the spot, which gets stamped on the passport before one goes towards immigration. This process is faster than applying for a visa before one travels and it is always more convenient to travel to countries with visa on arrival. Read More

Visa on arrival is only applicable to certain entry points such as international airports. In the case of border crossings, one has to apply for a regular visa beforehand. In case no visa is required at all, one doesn’t have to pay for anything and can head straight to immigration. This applies for people who need to cross borders as well.

Notably, not all countries offer visa on arrival for Indians. One must be well informed about the countries which offer visa on arrival for Indians; since some countries provide visa on arrival only for tourist visas and not work visas. Countries also change visa regulations frequently, and without much notice. In some cases, visa on arrival countries also have some prerequisites. For example, Vietnam offers a visa on arrival facility on the condition that one provides an approval letter from an agent in Vietnam before arriving in the country. Therefore, it is essential to be well informed regarding visa procedures, documental, and fees before travelling to countries which offer visa on arrival.

More than fifty countries offer visa on arrival for Indians. Some of the countries with visa on arrival for Indians are Maldives (valid for 30 days), Haiti (valid for 90 days), Madagascar (valid for 30 days), Jordan (valid for 14 days), Laos (valid for 30 days), and Togo (valid for 7 days). Neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka also offer on arrival visa for Indian passport holders.

Countries with visa on arrival for Indians may require documents such as passport sized photographs, onward flight tickets and a valid passport. While in some countries a visa is free of cost, some countries have on arrival visa for Indian passport holders where one may have to pay a visa fee along with providing the needed documents. There is no standard charge for visa on arrival, it varies from country to country – ensure that you carry the local currency of the country that you are visiting.

India too has plans to become one of the countries with visa on arrival or e-visa and allow access to around 180 countries, provided the travellers are not of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin. Some of the countries where India offers visa on arrival for its citizens are are Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, South Korea and Singapore.

Eligibility criteria: The requirements for a visa on arrival is that one must have a valid visa of at least 6 months, statements proving strong financial backing, confirmed onward journey ticket, specification of nature and duration of the trip and no intention to seek employment in India.

Procedure to apply for e-visa to India: Similar to other countries with visa on arrival, the e-visa procedure involves filling the visa on arrival online application form, submitting the required documents and paying the fees online via debit or credit card. Within 96 hours, one receives the Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) to the email ID registered when applying online.

When applying for India tourist visa on arrival online, one must keep in mind to apply at least 4 days before departure with a window of 30 days. One must fill the details accurately and provide all the documents mentioned on the checklist. In case there is an error which leads to rejection of the application, the amount of the fees is non-refundable.

Upon arrival, one must have a copy of the ETA and note that the tourist visa on arrival is non-extendable and non-convertible.

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