Things to do in UK

Explore the Jurassic Coast: One of the places to visit in the UK is the Jurassic Coast that has been one of the important sites in Southern England. This place played an important role in the World War II and has been voted as the UNESCO World Heritage site. When you are on the Jurassic Coast you can explore the sea and also be a witness to the days gone by. While this place was used for military training but it has now been opened up for the civilians and tourists.

Witness the Stonehenge: Considered as one of the popular sites around the world this is certainly a place you should not miss out. There is a lot of mystery surrounding this particular place and therefore being here is one of the things to do in the UK when you are here. Stonehenge dates back to Neolithic Age and the Bronze Age and therefore many archaeologists believe that it was built somewhere from 2000 BC to 3000 BC. While some people claim that Stonehenge is a solar clock some claim it to be burial ground in the past.

Explore the Cotswolds: If you are planning to get out of the commotion of the urban world Cotswold is the place you must look out for when you are in the United Kingdom. If unwinding and relaxing is one of your points of interest Cotswold will offer you with the best experience in the United Kingdom. This area has honey-colour towns and villages that seem to be of another era and therefore you instantly fall in love with the rural environment here. You can visit this place during any season and it will offer you with the best comfort and peace of mind.

Live Life in Devon: If you want the best experience on your United Kingdom holidays you must spend a few days in Devon. This place certainly offers you with the right level of rustic charm and simplicity that is hard to find anywhere else. If you prefer some good food, music and lifestyle this is the place you can head to when you are in the United Kingdom. You can also find some great farmer’s market here which allows you to buy local produce and items. Devon allows you to get the right level of peace that is hard to find in cities like London and any other global city.

Eat and Shop in London: There are very few cosmopolitan cities in the world that bring people from all corners of the globe. London is the beating heart of the United Kingdom and therefore you will find a lot of activity happening here. It is also the shopping and fashion capital of the United Kingdom and therefore you can shop endlessly here at some of the branded stores and various local markets. London is also popular for food and therefore you will find some great restaurants, pubs and cafes here where you can find a wide range of cuisines.

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