Things to do in Turkey

Explore the Blue Mosque: Popularly known as the Blue Mosque because of its colour, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque is one of the best places to visit in Turkey that can capture your attention. The mosque offers the best interiors that you might have seen in your travel journeys. The ascending domes and the high minarets leave you speechless the moment you walk into the mosque. The mosque is open to all tourists and therefore you can explore it and see the beauty of it in all its glory.

Visit Pamukkale Thermal Pools: The Pamukkale thermal pools in Turkey the best experience you can get of bathing in thermal pools. These dramatic travertine terraces are both natural and man-made and they have been an integral part of Turkey’s history and culture. This place might be busy on weekends, but if you are looking for some of the coolest things to do in Turkey you should definitely come here for a bath.

Hagia Sophia Museum: If visiting a historical place in Turkey is on your list, one of your points of interest that should be on your itinerary is the Hagia Sophia. This is one of the world’s largest cathedral and one of the main cathedrals under the Latin Empire. The museum is known for its architecture and it showcases the Byzantine culture.

Shop at the Grand Bazaar: If you enjoy shopping, you must definitely visit Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. This shop till you drop place makes your Turkey holidays complete in its true sense. Some of the best things you can buy here are Turkish spices, teas, crockery, Turkish rugs and lamps.

Enjoy Food in Ankara: If you are a foodie you will need to head to the streets of Ankara where you can find some of the best Turkish food. Turkey has always been a place where different traders and civilisations emerged and therefore this is a perfect place for eating food that comes from diverse culture and regions. You must definitely eat the Doner kebab which is one of the popular foods here in Turkey.

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