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Without a doubt, Thailand is one of the coolest travel destinations in the world. Stunning natural beauty, friendly people, amazing nightlife, scrumptious food and budget travel opportunities are the ingredients that make Thailand tourism so popular. Yet, little known to mainstream tourists, there exists an offbeat side of Thailand that must be experienced. Try these quirky only-in-Thailand experiences to enrich your Thailand Holiday mightily: -

Visit the Elephant Tower

The Elephant tower is a whacky building which is built in the shape of an Elephant since it is the national animal of Thailand. The building comprises of a shopping mall, offices as well as residential apartments

Dine at Condoms & Cabbages

Condoms & Cabbages is unlike any other restaurant in the world. It is a condom-themed restaurant which was established to push the idea that ‘buying condoms should be as easy as buying cabbages’ from the market. Dining at this unusual restaurant is bound to be a unique experience.

Visit the Human Body Museum

Get a dose of macabre at the peculiar Human Body Museum in Bangkok. The Human Body Museum is among the most interesting places to visit in Thailand. The museum features 14 dissected human bodies to showcase various body mechanisms such as nervous system, networks of arteries, bones and muscles etc.

Visit the Snake Farm

Enjoy observing the fascinating snakes up-close at the Bangkok Snake Farm. The farm houses more than 35 species of snakes and conducts snake handling demos on the weekends. The snakes at the farm are bred and maintained to extract their venom for anti-venin treatments.

Enjoy a Meal at The World’s Largest Restaurant

The Royal Dragon in Bangkok is considered to be the world’s largest restaurant which serves as many as 5000 customers. It’s fun to watch the staff moves around on roller skates and serve the thousands of customers with uncanny speed.

Spend a Night at a Tree House

For a truly wild experience in the forest, stay at the beautiful tree houses in Keemala. The treehouses are equipped with private pools and sun terraces so that you can revel in luxury amidst thick jungles.

Eat & Drink from a Plastic Bag

Many of the street food stalls in Thailand will serve you food and drinks in a plastic bag. This a weird custom that you can only experience in Thailand.

Sounds fun doesn’t it? So make sure to squeeze in some these quirky experiences in your Thailand Tour Package itineraries and make your holiday more memorable!